Reviews by johnm987

This review is for Manchester Rd Dental Surgery, Mooroolbark VIC

02 Sep 2015

Having been a [on-and-off] "Client" of this Surgery for 25+ years, I have been "accepting" of the quality of dentist and service... but no real "loyalty". It's hard to be loyal when there is a noticeable turn-around of Dentists, none of whom really impressed me that much; one costing me a whole lot more by having to later go to a Specialist to fix a botched root canal. (Ian Woolfe being the sole exception.)
Today, I can now state there there is a definite "Change of Guard" for the better by new owners Dr. David Rivadillo and Dr. Amanda Ho.
As I have only been treated by Dr. Amanda Ho, I cannot provide any comment on Dr. Rivadillo. However, if he is half as good as Dr. Amanda Ho, then you can consider yourself to be in "very good hands".
At age 62, I can now, for the first time, quite categorically state that she is "my favorite Dentist"! Not a bad rap considering the number of dentists I have seen over those many years.
Friendly, articulate, caring, smart, perceptive, exceptionally capable, up-to-speed with the "modern" world of Dentistry, are "some" of the thoughts that come to mind when reflecting on my multi-appointment experiences.
In the past, when receiving that ubiquitous "Dental Reminder Letter" in the mail, I more often than not, glanced at it and thereupon dutifully "stored it" in the recycling bin.
Now, when "this" letter arrives, I actually believe I will take-up the offer and indulge myself with a check-up, knowing that whatever the outcome, I couldn't be in better dental care!
As a side note, Dr. Ho is much younger than me which means that I can easily continue to be a recipient of her dentistry skills until such time as I "fall-off-the-twig".