Reviews by johnv19

This review is for Able Tree Services, Chelsea Heights VIC

25 Oct 2018

I have used Able Tree Services in the past and was happy with their work. However when I called for a quote there was no answer - left message but no return call. Called again 2 days later and was told Paul (?) would contact me the following day and would probably do a quote the day after. Once again no return call so two days later I made one last attempt and was told Paul (?) would contact me the next day but he never did.

I only persisted as they had done a job for me 2 years before but why - why if they don't want the work / don't have the time or are just not available then say so rather than messing people around and wasting time.

This review is for Doorite Screens Pty Ltd, Moorabbin VIC

14 Jul 2018

I visited Door Rite to see if they could repair a lock from an old security door which was needing to either be repaired or replaced. After looking at the lock they said it couldn't be repaired but after a few minutes of looking around they found a similar used lock and gave it to me. I offered to pay but they wouldn't accept anything and were happy for me to have it.

I'll certainly be keeping this company in mind when I need a new security door and have no hesitation in recommending them. Fantastic service.

This review is for Able Tree Services, Chelsea Heights VIC

12 Oct 2016

I needed to have two 10m dead wattle trees removed which were overhanging the neighbour's fence plus some lopping of a few branches from a large liquid amber tree.

I obtained several quotes and went with Able Tree Services. The boys arrived right on the time I had been given and completed the work within 4 hours cleaning up all the twigs, etc afterwards.

An excellent job - highly recommended.

This review is for Zesta Kitchens, Cheltenham VIC

07 Jul 2015

I decided to go with Zesta Kitchens on the strength of the reviews on this site.

The kitchen was for an apartment which had become vacant and I wanted to take the opportunity whilst it was empty to replace the kitchen.

The planning of our new kitchen went smoothly enough, the consultant was knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. No pressure and we spent a two weeks rejigging a few things. After we settled on a final design we paid the deposit and the kitchen cabinets and bench tops were delivered within the 10 day or two week time frame.

Of course Zesta only supply the cabinets and bench tops and the plumbing. tiling, plastering and electrical work is contracted out to their preferred trades people. You don't have to use their trades people but the advantage was, as we saw it, the costs for all the plumbing and electrical work was outlined beforehand and the Zesta installer was the one who was to co-ordinate their work.

During the installation I would meet the tradesmen at the apartment each morning to let them in and leave them to it.

The timing went as planned but there were several issues we had after the installation was complete. The gas cook top was to be in the same position as the previous gas upright stove however for some unknown reason the gas lines were diverted 30 or 40cms to the side meaning that when the installer come to install the cabinets he had to cut several holes in the shelves and the side of a cabinet to accommodate the new gas lines.

In addition the pipes for the taps and dishwasher made the cupboard under the sink almost unusable - they were installed in a very haphazed manner. In fact on returning to the flat the following day I found a pool of water on the kitchen floor and under the sink - one of the pipes leading to the mixer tap hadn't been secured and was dripping! The plumber returned the following day to fix it.

The installation of the flue for the extractor fan was also very poorly done with a large gap between each side of the flue and the ceiling cornice. We had to have another trades person come in to finish it properly.

The next issue was the tiler - we had selected a dark coffee coloured grout to match the bench top however the tiler decided, without any consultation, to use his own cream coloured grout. When we called him the following day his explanation was that he thought the dark colour we had chosen wasn't a suitable colour!

In addition to that the tiler left a pile of rubbish - offcuts, cardboard, blobs of dried cement plus some mostly empty tins of tuna which he presumably eaten for lunch and which, a day later, smelt dreadful. I had to clean up the disgusting mess. He had even taken the coloured grout I had bought for the job!

When I called Zesta about this they pointed out that as the tiler was a sub-contractor it was up to us to sort it out with the tiler. In short they weren't interested.

The last issue was one of the shelves for the pantry was missing. The installer was aware of this and said he would sort it out but two weeks later I was still waiting and ended up having to go to the Zesta showroom to collect it.

In short the installation of the cabinets went as planned but we were not impressed with the tiler changing the grout colour without notice and as for the plumbing - it was just shoddy workmanship. Zesta need to look at their preferred tradespeople.

To their credit Zesta did call me after the job was completed to ask if I were satisfied with both the kitchen and the installation, etc. Weather or not they took my concerns on board I don't know but can only hope so.

This review is for AKM Electrical, Brighton East VIC

15 May 2015

Tony installed a new switch board and some additional wiring for a kitchen renovation I was having done. He later installed some LED lights and replaced the old unearthed wiring the the ceiling.

Tony had initially proved a detailed quote on the work - the jobs were carried out promptly and I would recommend him highly.