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Reviews by kasiat

This review is for Dr Lionel Steinberg, Fitzroy VIC

16 Jan 2012

Another lady with a complicated pregnancy, lost my first at 20 weeks in public system, care was a nightmare. Spent my first appoint with Lionel crying my eyes out, he was great. I am now on my 3rd baby with a cervical suture and Lionel is an old friend. Memory like an elephant, remembers things about my history without even looking at my notes. Always greets me personally when he sees me in waiting room. As for mannerisms I guess he can be brusque, but once you get to know him he is lovely and will sit and chat as long as you like, and the passion he feels for his job is evident, especially for woman like me who he really helps and without who's help may never have a family let alone 3 kids.Reminds me to ring anytime and have taken occasional shameless advantage when I am worried.