Reviews by lozh858

This review is for UpWeb SEO, Sydney NSW

17 Mar 2018

I am posting this review after using UpWeb SEO for 9 months. I have a craft store that has an online shop section. Before contacting UpWeb SEO I didn’t really know what SEO was about or how it works. Now, I must admit I don’t know all the ins and outs of it, but I do know that they fixed all the issues on my site like duplicate content, broken links, metas, and they are building backlinks. That is about the extent of my knowledge, but UpWeb SEO are sending plenty of traffic to my product pages through the Google keywords. This traffic is resulting in more of my items getting sold and my physical store is getting lots more people coming in the doors. I have been asking new customers how they found out about us (as we are in an industrial location) and most of it is Google Search. We are coming up on the first page of Google for Craft Store Jacksonville, Craft Jacksonville, Hobby Shop Jacksoncville, and about 30 other keywords. So this is significantly helping our business and keeping us very busy. The low monthly cost for their work is paying dividends for our business and has been much more lucrative than any other advertising that I have used! Thanks Dave and UpWeb! You guys rock!

Approximate cost: $440