Reviews by mobbys

This review is for Udaya Spice, Wentworthville NSW

25 Mar 2016

Zero customer service. Just got back from this store. One particular staff lady was so rude. We wanted a pressure cooker she came to us and said rudely 'don't touch our extra stock'. Me and my husband avoided her and went to next isle. At the time of billing, other staff member was checking that all components of the cooker are inside the box and is good to go. This lady went to him again and murmured something pointing at us. I felt insulted.

I asked for the feedback form from other staff and this lady followed us and said haughtily 'there no feedback form here and I am least bothered about your feedback'

This is my first and last visit to Udaya.

Approximate cost: $100

This review is for Apsara Beauty Parlour, Wentworthville NSW

11 Jul 2015

Avoid this place at any cost

Took my mother for eyebrow tinting recently. They did not perform any patch test and my mother came out with second degree burn on her eyes. Her eyebrows are badly burnt, has got blisters all over them, her eyes are swollen to a point that she is unable to open them. Spoke to the staff about my mother’s condition and they couldn’t care less. When asked to speak to the owner they became rude and started hanging up the phone on me. How unprofessional and unkind their behavior is. These people are not professionals, in fact far from it. I have forwarded the complaint to ACCC and other health and ....................

I literally beg all you ladies out there to avoid this place. I will be taking this joint to the court if I have to. They nearly made my mother blind and did not have the courtesy to even apologise for their actions

Approximate cost: $0.00

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