Reviews by peterp781

This review is for Australian Law Group Toowong, Toowong QLD

28 Nov 2017

I am the type of person who likes to compliment and recommend a business or person who offer and give good advice and service. Silence is golden for those who do not come up to a standard I expect as it could have been my faulty interpretation on the day or they may have had an off day.
However, the Australian Law Group is not one of these businesses that you could bypass and give a yea or nay to, and not comment. The service I received was very poor and below the standards expected from a law firm.
You see the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules states as one of their rules is that a solicitor must act in the best interest in any matter in which the solicitor represents the client. This was far from the service I received or expected from this company, given this was my first foray, so to speak, into the world of the legal profession.
I was gutted as to the result of my property settlement dispute where the outcome was a 93% to 7% in favour of my ex-wife. The question needs to be asked as to why anyone would take the time out and effort to litigate for a result such as this.

Thanks to my solicitor who stated in writing that I should be entitled to a 25% to 40% share did not offer me any support in my claim. In fact his letter of Justice and Equity to the Family Court was full of false and misleading information. It was if he were acting for and supporting my ex-wife’s claim. I could go on, but I can seriously and sincerely offer this advice to those who wish to do business with the Australian Law Group that you be very, very wary and if possible seek alternative opinions.

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