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101 reviews about ACMECO Mobile Phone Repairs

28 Apr 2017

Matt was very helpful and friendly. I contacted him by phone, he preordered the parts and we sorted out a time for the repair of the smashed phone screen. We traveled over a 100 km, so didn't need to be stuffed around and waste time. Fixed on the same day and within the specified time at a very competitive price. Phone looks and operates as new. Don't take any notice of bad reviews ....they are either a competitor or a person with unrealistic expectations in my opinion. 5 star service at all times. Highly recommended and will use again for sure and would recommend him to all people without hesitation.

Approximate cost: $149

20 Apr 2017

Great customer service, and communication. Matt repaired my phone quickly and got in touch straight away. Highly recommend ACMECO.

03 Mar 2017

Exceptional service excellent prices excellent professional efficiency
I would thoroughly recommend this company if you develop problems

22 Nov 2016

Had a phone screen repaired and was told the screen repair was under warranty for 6 mths. Job wasn't good because 4ths later the glue peeled away and screen fell off. When I took the phone back I was told it's not under warranty and couldn't get a word in to explain what happened. Cost me $230 for a job not done well enough.!!!! Wouldn't recommend going here!!!

Approximate cost: $230

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elizabeth-m269 25 Nov 2016 · 60% Trust

This is not a spiteful review. Just telling like it as it is. Is that not what this forum is for? It actually wasn't my child that did this to the phone, (another conclusion your jumping to) it was in fact my 53 year old husband. And if you had even taken the time to listen to what I had to say you might have had a customer willing to pay for repair not under the warranty. You were quite happy to tell me how much it would cost and happy to fix it before I mentioned the word "warranty". As I said the phone was "in that state" because the repair done in June was not sufficient. However, my problem was not that you wouldn't cover it under the warranty, it was the rudeness in which I was told no way, before i even had a chance to speak. Its just a classic case of listen to the customer before you jump to conclusions and also that warranties are not worth a thing!

Take a look at my reviews odd yours is spitefull othere are happy. Your wherr the rude customer who presented an iPhone in such a state i personally was shock you think anyone would cover it. Glad you will not be returning as nothing would make it right. Oh ever thought of blaming manufacturer for there build quality i m sure you didnt complain on the first smashed screen ... your fustration is not my problem its your own doing

elizabeth-m269 26 Nov 2016 · 60% Trust

Yes the phone is my problem and its now being repaired elsewhere by a company who were friendly and didn't think it was at all a problem. Im just reviewing the unhelpful and rude customer service received. What your now saying is that its rude for a customer to present an item in a state and expect to receive some help and advice? I apologize if it has offended you that I brought in a broken Iphone for repair. I thought that was what the company was for? However, as I said before, its the attitude and unwillingness to listen that has caused the poor review in this case.

29 Sep 2016

Would highly recommend the service at ACEMECO. The customer Service was second to none and my phone is now working. Would definitely return should my phone need fixing again.

09 Sep 2016

Not only was the screen repair on my iPhone 6 good quality, the price was also very reasonable. Matt the store owner also gave me advice on phone covers to prevent me dropping my phone again.

31 Aug 2016

The service was brilliant and fast I would recommend the company to any one who need a quick hassle free and fast service thank you

19 Apr 2016

Honest feedback, great service, friendly guy, best prices and genuine quality!!! Matt always called me when he said he would!

16 Feb 2016

Honestly could not be happier. Matt was able to diagnose the problem with my General Managers Samsung Note over the Phone. the repair was done promptly and its working better than ever . Very well priced too. Thanks Matt. G Del Borrello Harold Hawthorne Community Centre

Approximate cost: $89.

08 Jan 2016

Arrived at the store with a Nexus 7 (2013) LTE tablet that had a faulty repaired touchscreen/digitizer, done by a third-party repairer.

The technician (Jun) insisted on having a look and after quickly popping off the cover he noticed that the ribbon connection was not properly seated. The repair was done in no time and I was not charged for the service.

Thank you ACMECO for your assistance in the matter and as a result of their great service I have brought in two other devices that the company that I work for wanted repaired. Quick and efficient service experienced each and every time.

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