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28 Jul 2016

I had a heart bypss 12 months ago and have been suffering shortness of breath after everything checking out ok my GP suggested i go to phisio. I met matt and had a few sessions with him and after several visits feel i am on the right track very well done and friendly place thanks Matt

20 Jan 2016

I have been around physio for years.. We have an athlete son who is managed by Rob - he got him thru to the end of his season then he needed ankle surgery. Post op treatment was excellent especially when there was a complication, Rob was continually following up on my son's progress.
I have a progressive paraplegia and I have also received excellent treatment.
Apt's are always running to time. All staff are excellent. Treatments are a bit more expensive than some other practices but well worth it.
Highly recommend!

04 Sep 2015

Bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Excellent service, great, clean facility and friendly staff.

28 Dec 2014

Went for aches and pains after hand operation. The physio noticed a swollen finger, and realised I had an infection. Sent me to the hospital, where it was operated on and cleaned out. I just thought it was an insect bite, and didn't appreciate the seriousness. Simon rang the next day while in hospital, to check on me. i was very impressed.

Approximate cost: $50

Hi Cavel

I hope that it went well in hospital. I am so pleased that I picked it up. Take care - Kind regards Cameron

cavelp 29 Dec 2014 · 60% Trust

Sorry it was Cameron.
Thanks to him I went Ok at the hospital.
Unfortunately I now have DVT from the first operation, but am getting good help from CAPAC, or Hospital in the home.

16 Sep 2014

The best receptionists and the best physios. I come here all the time and I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!
Carly is a really nice receptionist and Justin is so nice and amazing. It's so nice to go to a physio that I'm able to relate to.

Approximate cost: $47

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, they both rock.

06 Sep 2014

Really happy with the service I received today, I hurt myself this morning and have been in total agony. I called at 10am this morning (Saturday) and was booked in today for an appointment, outside their office hours. The receptionist was lovely (Ash if I remember correctly) very helpful and went the extra mile even when under pressure. Physio Peter was very knowledgeable, gave me great advice, I felt comfortable and happy with the service all round 5+++++. Hiccaps available = BONUS! I'll be back!

Approximate cost: $92

Thanks for your comments. 5++++ is a great score. Peter will be a brilliant Doctor when he graduates, and is my longest standing team member. Ash is lovely with clients. I will pass on your kind words. cheers Cameron

06 Sep 2014

The first time I went into this business I was scared of the outcome as I had had previous bad experiences with other physiotherapy businesses, after I had finished my session with them I walked out feeling a thousand times better than when I had first walked in. All the staff there are so lovely and warming and made me feel very comfortable about being there and really listened to me. I am more than just satisfied with this business and its employees! They have not only given me more confidence in attending my physiotherapy sessions but I am now able to do things I have been able to in a long time and I am so grateful to them! Definitely the best physiotherapy business I have ever been to and I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Approximate cost: $82

Thankyou for your feedback. We aim to provide one of the best customer service experiences ever from both the front desk and Physios. cheers Cameron

04 Sep 2014

All staff are fantastic!! I would recommend this practice to anyone!! I have suffered from immense back pain for many years. I've seen multiple physiotherapists and this company is by far the best! They're very helpful, understanding and knowledgable. I always feel comfortable, and rejuvenated afterwards. Price is very reasonable, having private health facilities at the practice to claim on the spot is very handy also. Myself and family members have seen Mick, Brendan and Jessica, they're all fantastic! A special shout out to Physio Jessica, and secretary Ash. I am always greeted with a big smile, very friendly girls that are always eager to help. Just lovely!

Thanks for your feedback. Our aim is to be the best in our industry, and it is good to see comparisons with other practices. I will pass on your kind words to my team. Cheers Cameron

04 Sep 2014

Ihave been attending advanced physio therapy for 18mths, i have had a triple spinal fusion and bone graft into my spine, i attend once a week and my physio is very expirenced in his field and very caring .

I am please this has been a good experience for you.

03 Sep 2014

I have been to other physiotherapist, but have never found one as knowledgeable as Mick. My son has been seeing him with a broken foot, and he has been awesome! Mick also makes you feel really comfortable.

Approximate cost: $80

I am really pleased that you have had such a good experience. Mick is a really dedicated knowledgeable guy and we are lucky to have him here.

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