10 reviews about Albion Park Cakes

31 Mar 2017

I wouldn't recommend this place just on the arrogant, rude and obnoxious attitude of the staff
The food was cooked lovely though but I'd rather buy a cheeseburger at McDonalds than spend another penny at this place
The rude clerk overcharged me and as I was working out what I was charged, she had the audacity to say to me 'would you like a calculator?'
I wish I was quick off the mark to reply that she is the one in need of one

01 Dec 2015

These guys make the best chicken curry and meat pies . In over 30 years I've never driven past without stopping for a pie and I've never been disappointed. The cakes ,hamburgers and Egg & bacon rolls are awesome too. Where else can you get a great lunch for under $10 ? Make sure you're at the right bakery , there are 3 along this strip !!

Approximate cost: $10

26 Sep 2012

Greatest cake shop I've ever been too! I am so glad I live near it! Greatest prices and quick service. never had a bad thing from their. Clean and tidy shop with quick service. Always feel like a valued customer. Chocolate éclairs are strongly reccomended!

20 Apr 2012

My favorite bakery, the food is always delicious and fresh, and the prices are as good as ever! Love it here, highly recommended.

17 Apr 2012

Always offer fresh cakes and hot food, and at some of the absolute best prices for a bakery. The only issue is you can often miss out if you get there late, as they run out of certain cakes/hot foods.

12 Mar 2012

Staff are friendly and helpful, fast efficient service and the food is heavenly. Well worth a visit

12 May 2011


Approximate cost: $5.00

19 Oct 2010

these are just the freshest and yummiest pies around we all love them, great friendly staff too!!

10 Jun 2010

BEST PIES, guarantee you will go back for more! they are yum! heaps of variety, fresh and the smell is mouth watering!

Approximate cost: $4.00

09 Jun 2010

OMG! These would have to be the best pies ive ever had, they also sold great pastries & cakes as well and bread. Would recomend to any body passing through Albion Park Rail, as soon as u seen BWS Pull over they will be up a little more on ur left, its a must! also service was great and shop was very neat & clean..

Approximate cost: $15

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