8 reviews about All Night Pizza's Cafe

16 Aug 2013

The best place in Perth to go to after a big night on the drink. The name says it all really-24 hour cafe. I normally toss up between a pizza or a kebab, but there are cakes, drinks slices and common supermarket items etc all available!

The staff are always friendly and willing to help if you need/want anything.

The decor leaves a little to be desired but for this sort of place thats not an issue- All night Pizza Cafe is not the kind of place you go to for an experience, but for a hearty feed!

christies4 16 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Love this place too :))

13 Aug 2013

this place is cool. if u ask them to pick up a pack of smokes for you they will. awesome service and highly recommend on those munchie nights when nothing else is open and you dont want to drive lol

Approximate cost: $25

18 Oct 2011

only place in perth that is open after hour that has got still normal food pizza pasta kebabs desserts, staff is very fast and u can watch foot whilst u waiting

Approximate cost: $20

05 Jul 2011

I love pizza here. Went only once. But enjoyed well. Need more hot sauces..I love the hurb flavors here.

Approximate cost: $15

13 May 2011

i just love there service..... 24 hour service helps to drop in their anytime, assuring that they will surely be open anyway... nice place to have dinner with friends after a big night out...

Approximate cost: $55

31 Dec 2010

very tasty pizzas. don/t have to wait too long. very good service. i highly appreciate the business.

21 Jun 2010

A great place to hang out at night with friend since they're open 24 hrs, But it'll get super crowded when a soccer match is shown, still good for hang out I guess.

20 Jul 2008

One of only a few 24 hour dining places in Perth, but usually the spot of choice for many hungry night owls. Their menu is extensive, but their standout is the pizza.

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