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08 Oct 2015

I was with amaysim for many years and initially found their plans to be well priced and fair. Over time though, they have changed the terms & conditions of their plans and have also changed the way that data gets used. My phone bill was quickly doubling and I wasn't using any extra data or making any more calls. After some investigation I found Optus to be much better value for money. Since changing to Optus I have much better coverage than I ever did with amaysim even though they claim to be on the same network. As with anything I would recommend thorough investigation before signing up.

#2 in Glen Waverley VIC
145 reviews · 100% trust · 9810 points
03 Aug 2014

When I went to my aunties house she was associated with them and I found that the internet had a few issues but I was happy with there work. Their prices are fair and worth it.

#58 in Warrandyte South VIC
174 reviews · 60% trust · 13730 points
25 May 2014

They were good however I had some internet problems. I recently stopped using them but they had plans for everyones needs. They have competitive prices as well.

08 May 2014

I have a 10GB amaysim card for my Samsung Galaxy Tab when I am away from WiFi. It is excellent value - 10GB - 365 days, and never a moment of trouble. Plus I add a bit of credit which lasts all year for the occasional sms when my phone is dead.

Approximate cost: $100

18 Jun 2013

Recently switched over to Amaysim for my mobile only. They definetly give thelikes of optus,vodafone & Telstra a run for there money. They have a plan for just about anyone. There "Amaysim"

markh40 14 Jan 2014 · 100% Trust

what is the coverage like? and is it 4G???

30 May 2013

I love that this company gives the big "T" company a run for it's money!

They have some great plans (no contract) that would suit everyone. I prefer the unlimited calls and text and 4GB of data for $39.90 a month. I was able o give up my home phone an ring everywhere with my mobile!

I am in a rural town and have found the service for texts/calls good. The internet on my Galaxy S2 can be a bit slow during peak times and often cuts out completely though. I think the internet part would work better for people in bigger towns.

Overall, I am happy.

16 Mar 2013

Amaysim definitely has one of the lowest rates around, and with a low minimum recharge ($10) lasting for 90 days, it's by far the cheapest prepaid i have used so far. They pride themselves in having Aus customer service centre, but at the cost of very long waiting times --- be ready to wait at least 20mins before your call is answered. However, if you have any queires their online form are answered within about 2-3 business days, which is very useful as well.

samanthar10 30 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the tip on the wait tme

14 Dec 2012

Swapped from Virgin and so far, so good. Its great calling and speaking to a person, not a computer and some one who speaks clear english.

Staff are very helpful and speak to you in a easy to understand manner, no tech talk. Very knowledgeable and friendly also.

Would and have recommended Amaysim to friends.

29 Nov 2012

These guys rock! So flexible! No contracts, cheap plans, great coverage.

I was with 3/Vodafone for years before I switched to Amaysim. Coverage, customer service, affordability - Amaysim has it all over my past mobile phone provider.

Highly recommended! I hear they also do great data packs.

29 Nov 2012

You can't go wrong by switching to these guys as if you aren't happy you can change right away as there is no contracts! I can't comment on the rural service as have not yet travelled too far from the city but if you aren't sure there is no loss in trying them Best value deal in Australia by any phone company by far!!

Approximate cost: $39.90

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