Ararat Bakery

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4 reviews about Ararat Bakery

04 Jul 2015

Pies Pies Pies, and more pies.. I bring about 10 of the pepper pies home. chuck them in the freezer and have when the need tempts us. Yes they are hot... yum

Approximate cost: $50

22 Jul 2014

I checked into the bakery for breakfast.
They have great variety of pies and I just loved my pastie.
Vanilla slice was yum too, the staff told me its recieved a third price in an Australia wide competition.Coffee was OK

Approximate cost: $5

07 Aug 2013

I used to work here after school, it was great i really enjoyed it. Very nice friendly staff and a great selection of pies sausage rolls and pasties also great breads and slices. Yum Yum!

19 May 2012

Went in for coffees on a Sunday - all three staff members looked to be about 15 YO each. Not greeted, just looked at, so we began to order take-aways. Order taken and paid for, we began to chat. Ten minutes later wondered where the coffees were only to find them all ready, and sitting on the front counter! Staff had not told us - instead they just returned to chatting amongst themselves. Not impressed - coffee was ok.

Approximate cost: $4

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