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21 May 2015

Asimi Jewels is a little Jewellery store in Double Bay. These guys sell very reputable brands. I bought a Pandora heart shaped charm which is very cute. I can't wait to shop their again.

Approximate cost: $90

14 May 2011

Wow, this shop is so cute. I was surprised with the extensive range of Gucci and Pandora. Great quality and the Gucci watch i bought is beautiful. The lady serving was lovely.

19 Sep 2010

I was in the area seeing a client when I parked in front of the shop, and a few weeks ago had mentioned this place opening up. My luck to have parked in front and it caught my EYE. What can I say I'm hooked Yvonne has an amazing collection, for the casual day wear to the elegant evening to a sophisticated day at work or buying something beautiful for a gift. Yvonne was so out going and pleasant to talk to i could chat and shop all day. I love my present to myself and I'm coming back for more. I've told everyone go and dress yourself up with Asimi Jewels.

03 Aug 2010

Found this store by chance when visiting my hairdressers next door. Its a new trendy jewellery store that carries amazing brands such as Gucci, Armani, Calvin Klein, marc jacobs and the list goes on. I purchased a gorgeous ring that they directly imported from overseas, they have a great range of individual and unique jewellery at affordable prices.

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