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585 reviews about BecexTech Australia

15 Aug 2012

I tried to find an entry Level Cannon digital SLR camera .... came across the site andwas very impressed with their prices and plenty of reviews for each product.
It really make it easier to buy online. I also sent a question by email to the team, the response was prompt and helpful. They deserve to be the winner of 2012 WOMO award -Recommended!

Approximate cost: $600

snow00 15 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Thanks, I'm looking for a camera I will have to check it out

21 Oct 2016

Sadly it is not possible to give a minus rating but I would never recommend this company.
I have sent over 50 emails since they sent me a locked second hand iPhone from Hong Kong.
They have been evasive as soon as I emailed them it was a faulty product.
Fair Go (the consumer programme in NZ) was very interested in how they conduct their business as was Price Spy.
Please read all their bad reviews before you order. Better still go elsewhere.

Approximate cost: $865

21 Oct 2016

We bought here because of the positive online reviews - particularly compared to some other options - and it has been very easy and product arrived as described. One issue is they do not have phone support - however their email support was exemplary. I found them to be informative and fast with their responses.

20 Oct 2016

Becextech was quick and reliable with buying and delivering their stock. They straight up told me that they didn't have the camera I wanted in stock but they'd get it in by the next day and send it out. Shipping was fairly quick.

19 Oct 2016

Class 'A' act, merchandise was as advertised. Ordered a new phone, it was shipped quickly and delivered by a friendly driver, but a clearly secondhand one arrived , I contacted BecexTech and they quickly shipped me another brand new handset. Wonderful support, thanks guys!

19 Oct 2016

Had an issue where the price for an item dropped the day after I ordered it. (it had not yet arrived) The price difference was enough that I was willing to send it back and reorder for the lower price. I emailed and the service rep was able to help me out and match the price for me. She was very friendly and helpful, and escalated this to upper management for approval. This was my 1st experience with BecexTech customer service and I have to say it was a very good experience.

18 Oct 2016

Becextech is now my top provider, I rate the goods the packaging, the service, the prices as faultless. That said Toll is not so good, the goods as with other goods from other providers I get trucked around my country I consider the freight service as third world, Pull the other leg. Becextech.. I will thank you again for your 100 %d edication and service to your customer

18 Oct 2016

I will never buy from Becextech again. after 3 months I still do not have a phone that works. It failed after 3 days, was supposedly fixed after 4 weeks, but when it returned it failed again after 2 days and I had to return. I tried to claim under their POM policy but they said the time had lapsed even though I only had the phone for a few days. They say the phone is fixed but I still do not have it back, so I don't know. The camera lens came off when I sent it back, with no use, and they said it was not covered by warranty and I had to pay. They ignore their Customer Guarantee obligations and twist the words in their own warranty. It is just excuse after excuse, Nothing is there responsibility. In my experience they do not live up to the customer service commitments they make on their website. It is all OK when nothing goes wrong, but it seems from lots of other posts they are hopeless if you have a problem.

Approximate cost: $1000

nickik183 21 Oct 2016 · 60% Trust

Same here- what a pack of con merchants.
It seems they must write all their own reviews.
I have been waiting since september 19th for a refund :(

josiet445 21 Oct 2016 · 60% Trust

Let's go to current affairs.

benjaminm614 21 Oct 2016 · 60% Trust

Same here. I contacted Fair Trading but there wasn't much they could do because they are a Hong Kong based company. The fact that they advertise as Australian and have an Australian ABN apparently means nothing. I have lost a lot of respect for these store review sites as well. I wish I had checked forums instead of here.

18 Oct 2016

Not only a fantastic buy at an unbelievable price but the quality of the product just blew me away. The expected delivery time on my order was estimated at 7 to 10 days, I received my order in 5 days. Very Happy

18 Oct 2016

Excellent quality, price and value of their products and a very good service. Trusted and a good recommendation to other buyers.

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