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19 Jul 2016

This is the first time I ordered an electronic device online (I ordered a Sony Xperia Z5 for my friend's birthday). Some of my other friends who have ordered from this site before, had recommended BecexTech Australia to me, so I was inclined to trust it. Indeed, this site did not disappoint. The prices were cheaper than any other place that I've seen, the shipping was fast, and the products came in pristine condition. I had "priority delivery + free accessory", and the phone had arrived in 3 business days, which was faster than I had expected as I had allocated more days to be in time for my friend's birthday.
When it arrived though, my free case (which I had selected as the free accessory) was not included, so I quickly turned to customer support. Within 6 hours, they had replied to me, informing me that they had only restocked on the case and had sent it, and that I would expect it soon. This is quite impressive, as the customer service is fast, catering to the needs of the customers just as BecexTech Australia's information had described them to be.
Therefore, BecexTech Australia is a trustworthy and quality site, which truly had exceeded my expectations created from hearing these same comments from my friends who were past customers, and how they had described it to be. If I was ever in need of another electronic device, I would rely on BecexTech Australia again. I recommend.

Approximate cost: $624

17 Feb 2017

Super fast turn around time and so easy to deal with BacexTech. Top customer service. Also, quality products at amazing prices so will definatley be shopping with them again! 5/5!

11 Feb 2017

Order was placed over the phone and delivery arranged before I had made the bank transfer. Delivery was arranged straight to my house and arrived on the second day at no extra cost. This item was to replace a broken screen so it got me running again in a very short time at lowest cost. So all I need now is a better adapter to drive it and perhaps a second one!

10 Feb 2017

Not overall happy with service but happy with product so far has only been one day. Sony Xperia z3+ everything working fine. Seems new.

Approximate cost: $500

10 Feb 2017

Over all very happy with the transaction. Only problem I had was that there was a week delay because the colour I ordered wasn't in stock, and nothing happened until I contacted them too find out where my order was. However once sorted, the phone was dispatched within three days

09 Feb 2017

I would recommend them i have dealt with many different suppliers over many years and have settled on Becextech as our main supplier of phones.
We have purchased some fifty phones over seven years, in that time we have only had one failure , which we returned and it was replaced, even though it was outside their seven day replacement period, dealing with their Support desk was simple and efficient and the support staff are pleasant and responsive.

09 Feb 2017

All local business selling Samsung told me I only should buy from Australian nominated outlets. It was going to cost me $300 more. I was told that the warranty would not be recognised and all other nonsense. Becextech are giving full warranty and the product is genuine. I'll shop there anytime! Thank you Becextech

07 Feb 2017

My Buying experience with Becex Tech was very disappointing, There claims Becex Tech make on their website on how good there service & prices are could not be further from the truth as far as my dealing with them are concerned I did not receive all products ordered as yet & I have been put out of pocket by at least $300 that`s on top of my original order of $2100, because of there mismanagement of this particular transaction,due to poor service issues & misleading advertising & on there website I have asked
them to rectify these problems, which they have declined to do so. Anyone looking at doing business with Becex Tech do so at there own peril !! No Stars for this business

Approximate cost: $2100

ashw979 18 Feb 2017 · 10% Trust

I have had the exact same experience, do not trust this comoany

07 Feb 2017

I found becextech to be very efficient and followed through with good service and good product delivery, I have not yet opened or used the phones I ordered as they have been delivered when I was away for work, I am totally sure all is fine , price and service was very good and would use this organzation again when required .

07 Feb 2017

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Pink Gold Dual Sim mobile phone - at a great price. Although the description doesn't mention that it is a Hong Kong item that will be shipped from there, the purchasing experience was easy and seamless. The item arrived quickly, is brand new as you would purchase from a retail store and works brilliantly. I am very happy indeed.

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