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19 Jul 2016

This is the first time I ordered an electronic device online (I ordered a Sony Xperia Z5 for my friend's birthday). Some of my other friends who have ordered from this site before, had recommended BecexTech Australia to me, so I was inclined to trust it. Indeed, this site did not disappoint. The prices were cheaper than any other place that I've seen, the shipping was fast, and the products came in pristine condition. I had "priority delivery + free accessory", and the phone had arrived in 3 business days, which was faster than I had expected as I had allocated more days to be in time for my friend's birthday.
When it arrived though, my free case (which I had selected as the free accessory) was not included, so I quickly turned to customer support. Within 6 hours, they had replied to me, informing me that they had only restocked on the case and had sent it, and that I would expect it soon. This is quite impressive, as the customer service is fast, catering to the needs of the customers just as BecexTech Australia's information had described them to be.
Therefore, BecexTech Australia is a trustworthy and quality site, which truly had exceeded my expectations created from hearing these same comments from my friends who were past customers, and how they had described it to be. If I was ever in need of another electronic device, I would rely on BecexTech Australia again. I recommend.

Approximate cost: $624

22 Mar 2017

I had a fantastic experience with Becextech customer service. They connected me to a help desk in less than a minute, which is ridiculous given how even some brick-and-mortar stores take. April immediately apologized for my problem and offered a great reimbursement at literally a second's notice. It blew me away at how just *snap* they got to things and how easy it was. Becextech has become my de-facto place to buy items online and I will not forget this experience

21 Mar 2017

Purchased a few items and noticed they were on sale a few days later. I decided to email and see if they would price match and if I was eligible and they explained that they did not normally do this, but they made a special exception! Oh and, my service rep was very courteous. This shows that Becextech goes out of their way to make sure they can do whatever it takes to resolve issues you may have. I will be purchasing more from them in the future

20 Mar 2017

I am actually very pleased and absolutely satisfied with my purchase. There was the hiccup at the beginning with the card verification but after being given an alternative option my phone was processed within 3 days and shipped to my front door within 2 working days. I will definitely recommend Becex Tech and purchase from them again. I also think that if other buyers feel frustrated about calling the bank for verification, I suggest either hanging in there or asking the customer rep for an alternative. It's all for your security guys!

17 Mar 2017

TERRIBLE! I bought a phone from their website for Christmas and it was a disaster. His phone has been with them since January as it NEVER worked properly and it is now March. i took it into Apple and they said they can't fix it as it doesn't have authentic apple parts and was missing a seal. [redacted inflammatory comment] DO NOT BUY FROM THEM [redacted generalisation]

Approximate cost: $650

17 Mar 2017

Awesome service. The shipping of order was well updated and weren't automated emails so if i did have a problem I could simply reply to the email. I got a good deal as well for the lens. Would definitely recommend and will buy from again!

16 Mar 2017

Brilliant service with unmatched prices. I bought a Sony a7R II 800$ less than the closest price on other sellers. In addition, I ordered a lens which is also a few bucks cheaper. all arrived in 4 days. Everything was in excellent condition. It took a bit of guesswork and internet search to switch the language of the camera to English from what seemed like Chinese, or Japanese.
Nevertheless no serious handicap.
Pleased with the purchase.
Since it was my first purchase from BecexTech asked extensive questions to the customer service and got satisfactory answers before ordering.
Overall, I had a very positive experience and will buy again from them if they keep up the good deals.

Approximate cost: $3500

16 Mar 2017

When contacted re query, fast answer - very full and not automated. First experience shopping with BecexTech - so far so good. Have yet to receive the mobile I have ordered.
Have since received the phone. Very quick shipping. Came within 6 days. Would shop again with this company.

15 Mar 2017

My positive impression of Becextech started even before I bought from them. I received VERY prompt, informative replies to email queries I made about the phone I was thinking of buying. The commitment to pre-sales service convinced me to buy from them and after my phone arrived this morning, I've been very happy with the all aspects of the transaction. Especially the speed of the delivery. I bought on Thursday and it was here on Monday, no complaints possible about that sort of service

15 Mar 2017

Recently purchased an iPhone and yes there were a couple of issues with supply of stock however the customer service did a fantastic job with giving me options about how I wanted this to be managed. I chose to continue with my purchase and the kept me constantly informed regarding delay and delivery and I received the phone by the revised date that they promised. Thank you so much. this is the second phone I have purchased from Becex Tech and would be happy to purchase items in the future.

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