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07 Oct 2016

Super satisfied with Becextech. The first lens was defective, so I emailed customer service and they organized a pick up. I just received the replacement lens yesterday, and it works great. I have bought a lot of things from Becextech in the past, and I have always been totally satisfied with the prices and the quick delivery of everything. This is the very first time I ever had to deal with customer service, and I felt they were fantastic. A+ all the way. I will keep buying from them, as they deliver what they promise, without a sales pitch or bait-and-switch, ever.

18 Feb 2018

Very quick turnaround and the phone is just as the description I could not be happier with the phone and service. I would not hesitate to purchase another phone from Bacex Tech

Approximate cost: $350

08 Feb 2018

A few years back I bought an iPhone 5s from these guys and was absolutely happy with them. In January 2018, I needed another mobile phone but I doubted whether they had kept their quality of service or not since I had had a very bad experience with a similar company (Android Enjoyed) which through years went so downhill that in practice it transformed to a scam company. Reading BecexTech's reviews, however, I decided to give it a go and place an order and I am so happy that I did it. They are now even better than before. Fantastic service. Highly recommended.

07 Feb 2018

I have dealt with Becextech twice so far. Both times the service was excellent. The goods I received (1 S2 tablet,1 S6 phone and an Asus Zenfone) were all top quality, brand new items in their original unopened packaging.And of course the price was really competitive.The staff I dealt with were polite and helpful. They also were quite knowledgeable about all my queries and they answered all of them without referring me to anyone else.Both times the goods were delivered well within their published processing times (in my case just a week from the order placement). I will definitely be using them again and I highly recommend them for your technology related purchases.

06 Feb 2018

I made a mistake in shipping a purchase and needed assistance processing the return. Handy, Ratna and the staff at Becextech were helpful and courteous in resolving my return shipment challenges. They work as a team, really care that you have a great shopping experience and are far and above the best in customer service.

05 Feb 2018

The ordering process wasn't as smooth as I would have liked but after careful consideration, corresponding with the BecexTech staff, I came to the conclusion that they do take Credit Card fraud seriously. Which can only be a good thing. So once that was sorted (albeit two to three days via email only) my order was processed and things happened surprisingly fast after that. The items arrive within two weeks well packaged and in good order.....However, the two items in question; A Xeen 24mm Cine lens and a Xeen 50mm Cine lens, arrived but the 24mm lens "witness marks" were in (ft) and the 50mm lens was in (m). Now this would not bother me to much but since I am building a set I would have liked to have had the option (in the online ordering process) to have specified which measurement system I would prefer. It did not occur to me that they would randomly select the items in the warehouse not taking that into consideration when the Purchase Order came from the same customer. But for the price and delivery time and quality of packaging I would definitely use BecexTech again.

Approximate cost: $4100

01 Feb 2018

Great buying experience. Fujifilm X-T2 Camera plus accessories. Quick delivery to Geelong, Victoria. Best price and fantastic customer service via e-mail, that allowed me to purchase more accessories at discount price even after the first order was already dispatched, at no extra cost. Warmest recommendation! Many thanks.

31 Jan 2018

The whole experience was horrible! The shop never clearly showed delivery times, and where the products are send from.
After three weeks the camera arrived without the additional items I had the option to "upgrade" my order with. Only the SD card came within some days. The SD card which was never specified during the order turned out to be a model 8 years old and long gone from the open market. The card did not support the full functions of the camera and was therefore useless, and the price of 69 AUD made it a total scam. The support took about a month to finally advise me to send it back. Outcome is yet to be seen.
After an inquiry about the missing items despite the delivery status "delivered to costumer", I was told they were short on stock, and if they should send them now ...
The camera bag, another "upgrade" for 25 AUD turned out to be five times bigger than the camera, leaving it bumping and bouncing in the bag. Not much of a protection for it in my eyes.
And a good final note, the order came without a valid receipt and without an Australian ABN # , so there is no way of reclaiming GST for businesses or tourists.

Approximate cost: $1275

30 Jan 2018

I've had great experience so far, I ordered a new iPhone on the 24th of January and it arrived on the 29th of January which is a great turn around, especially since that included Australia day long weekend. I also emailed BecexTech as I had read a few reviews that gave me concern with the iphone being a genuine apple device. BecexTech responded within a couple hours of me sending the email and addressed my concerns on the reviews very professionally taking responsibility for the reviews as well as alleviating my concerns by confirming that the phone I had ordered was definitely a new genuine apple iPhone. They suggested that I could take it to any apple store and they would be able verify the phone also if I wished. I appreciated the reassurance of the email. Thanks for a great experience so far.

Approximate cost: $1630

29 Jan 2018

I bought the Apple MacBook and it was delivered with Non Australian standard power plug. That means the product is not compactible with Australian standard. I really feel that this is a cheating with customers.

Approximate cost: $1700

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