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19 Jul 2016

This is the first time I ordered an electronic device online (I ordered a Sony Xperia Z5 for my friend's birthday). Some of my other friends who have ordered from this site before, had recommended BecexTech Australia to me, so I was inclined to trust it. Indeed, this site did not disappoint. The prices were cheaper than any other place that I've seen, the shipping was fast, and the products came in pristine condition. I had "priority delivery + free accessory", and the phone had arrived in 3 business days, which was faster than I had expected as I had allocated more days to be in time for my friend's birthday.
When it arrived though, my free case (which I had selected as the free accessory) was not included, so I quickly turned to customer support. Within 6 hours, they had replied to me, informing me that they had only restocked on the case and had sent it, and that I would expect it soon. This is quite impressive, as the customer service is fast, catering to the needs of the customers just as BecexTech Australia's information had described them to be.
Therefore, BecexTech Australia is a trustworthy and quality site, which truly had exceeded my expectations created from hearing these same comments from my friends who were past customers, and how they had described it to be. If I was ever in need of another electronic device, I would rely on BecexTech Australia again. I recommend.

Approximate cost: $624

27 Feb 2017

I have nothing but positives to say about this company. Their communication was fast and efficient -- as was their shipping. The price could not be beat. I highly recommend them for all future purchases.

27 Feb 2017

Ordered a Nexus 6 last week, with the best price at the time. Received it in 4 days, even though it was supposed to takes longer. Today accidentally stumbled on the website that the phone is on sale at a lower price. Emailed Becextech asking whether could get the difference in price. Got a prompt response offering the store credit; which was truly nice.
Really happy experience! Way to go BecexTech!

24 Feb 2017

I ordered a quite expensive lens which had me concerned because I had never used them before. The lens was delivered promptly and matched the description on their website. Insurance and postage was not included in their pricing, so expect to pay extra for that. Overall the lens was good value in comparison to some other internet sellers and I'm vey happy with the result

22 Feb 2017

Excellent customer service. However, I purchased from BecexTech Australia believing I would get an Australian product. The parcel I received came from Hong Kong. For the moment the product works but time will tell. Feel a bit deceived.

21 Feb 2017

First time using this site....shipped me a smashed S7, was clearly
dropped at the suppliers end. Not impressed, would have thought they would
send me a new one and i send the damaged one back but not the case. Will
not be using them again.

21 Feb 2017

I had some issues with my CC declining for suspected fraud charge, but customer service made sure I kept all my original discounts and got the items I had originally wanted.
The management for the customer service is excellent!
Only suggestion I would add is to have a place to input shipping AND billing address on personal profile so I don't have to add the shipping separately every time at the checkout. My home of record is elsewhere from where I currently live since I am in the military.

21 Feb 2017

Phone GPS did not work. They have had the phone for 3 months now: promised to refund/replace and still waiting on that also. Having difficulty getting them to reply to my emails, and they have no contact phone number. So they have our phone: no replacement, no refund. It would be nice if someone could contact me about this please.
Update 24/02/2017:
they posted out a new phone within hours of me making my review here. New phone was not new: it is clearly refurbished. LCD screen is faulty (complete white line down one side and almost 70% of screen cannot be seen) , and it has issues connecting to the network and has to be manually connected to get signal. (effectively DOA)
emailed them again- still awaiting response. Worst after sales service I have ever had.
I will be taking this complaint further

Approximate cost: $500

20 Feb 2017

I purchased a new Canon camera with free memory card reader for the same price as a bare lens. The packaging was fair and everything arrived intact. . I did contact Becextech customer service about honoring a competitor coupon , which they declined, but then offered to credit the difference of a new sale price for the item I purchased. Although this is not an immediate discount on my existing order, it is still beyond what I expected. I will definitely shop with Becextech online again in the future.

20 Feb 2017

Becextech have fantastic service, and you get exactly what they state. A phone delivered fast at a great price. I originally ordered the same phone through another company and they could not even respond to my emails, so I cancelled straight away, went through this mob and got my phone within 5 days of ordering.

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