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17 Aug 2016

I was somewhat skeptical initially as it was my first time dealing with BecExTech, low prices can sometime be to good to be true, not too mention spending close to $1000 online shopping isn't a regular occurrence for me, so I relied heavily on reviews & approached with caution..
Too my great relief the reviews are as legit as the company and everything about the experience was pleasant, particularly receiving my sauve new S7 on time & in perfect condition!
Will highly recommend anyone to BecExTech in the future!

Approximate cost: $800

01 Oct 2016

Overall it was a good experience, now that know I need to confirm credit card details. That said the email requesting this went to spam so took a few days for me to realise what had happened. probably not your fault but it did mean the presents arrived late, but still very well received.

30 Sep 2016

My overall shopping experience with Becextech was very good as was the prompt response from Customer Service to my enquiry when ordered items weren't included in the delivery - considering the time difference between our states. I was impressed and though I'm still waiting for the extra items to come through I was advised of the delay. I appreciate being kept informed. Many thanks.

30 Sep 2016

I found BecexTech Australia to have a terrific on-line site, photos and clear descriptions of all products, and they dispatched in a very timely manner. I had an issue with TOLL PRIORITY which didn't deliver the phone and made a mess of the transit sending it back to Hong Kong!! When I told by email BecexTech Australia what had happened they dispatched another phone the same day (Friday) and I had it the next working day (Monday). Customer service was "can do" and decisive. The late arrival was caused by TOLL but Becex responded effeciently and sent me emails in follow up. At this stage more than happy.

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30 Sep 2016

Maybe not something you want in a hot date, but if you're spending money on camera gear, this is definitely what you want! I bought several hundred dollars worth of factory-repackaged gear and it was all perfect. Arrived in exactly the timeframe that I expected, and was all as advertised. I recommend them to anyone buying photo gear - great service and a great price. Maybe a boring date

Review under investigation
This review is currently being investigated by the Word of Mouth team and it does not affect the business' overall rating. This review will either be confirmed or removed once our inquiry is complete.
30 Sep 2016

Within 2 weeks of receiving an apparently brand new Samsung 7 Edge, the handset was completely broken through no fault of our own. At our own expense, we sent this off to a BecexTech repair company. We were told a new screen would be required. To proceed with the fix, we had to agree to the terms that the handset would no longer be waterproof (the unique selling point of this handset and the reason we bought it).

We were told "As far as I concern, any waterproof phone will no longer be waterproof after repair."

The original spec state s that this particular handset *can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes*

BecexTech advised that the handset could no longer submerged underwater. After much dispute, as compensation they would provide us with a cheap waterproof cover! I do not believe the handset will be returned in the same working condition. We have lost time, money and all our photographs because of this company not to mention the inconvenience and stress it has caused. We have been without a phone for weeks. We have now involved the Department of Fair Trading. I sent this review to BecexTech for approval prior to publishing and from the head of the company I have been threatened with the following:

"Resorting to feedback will never fix anything, but only to worsen the situation. After all, we will be here to look after the phone for 1 year. If negative/neutral feedback is left we will deem this as a completion of our obligations and no further resolution will be offered"

Is this a company you really want to buy from? Does their 1 year guarantee not stand if you choose to publish an accurate account of your experience with them? I think this sets a very dangerous precedence.

Approximate cost: $900

28 Sep 2016

Received my I pad Air as per my order very happy with product and the way it was packed for shipment, Becextech responded very quickly to my Emails and request which made this transaction a pleasure will definitely be a return customer many thanks Becextech .

28 Sep 2016

Item received and excellent value. Top class product for great price. Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones.
Thank you

Approximate cost: $1886

26 Sep 2016

Service was great, bit expensive postage but Samsung S7 Edge is a excellent phone . This is my second transaction thru this mob, but probably not the last one. Thanks

Approximate cost: $825.

25 Sep 2016

Order no 64378
Very disappointing with service.
Tracking # 218740070021
says order has been delivered to Melbourne but shipping address is of Sydney. You guys need to sort this asap.

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