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07 Jun 2012

mmmm I don't have an overall positive view of this business.

Often they advertise the lowest prices to get customers to ring up/ view the website. However there are usually other fees, credit card fees, tax etc not inluded in ad prices.

Also sometimes the special prices will only have a few seats/ rooms at that price. It just seems the prices advertised sometimes are too good to be true.... why is there always a catch??

The staff on the phones seem rushed and dont have time to really converse with me about the large range of options.

05 Jun 2012

Their name is what they are - the best price 24/7 and the system is quick. If you have a query their customer service is happy to help. We have purchased many tickets overseas and deomestic over the years and are very happy with the overall service

carolw7 06 Jun 2012 · 0% Trust

I fly quite a lot so I'm interest3ed to hear your experience with these people.

16 Mar 2009

Best Flights are great value - I couldnt beat them. I was quoted for a trip and bali so I shopped around with half a dozen other places that were well off the mark quoting well over their price.

27 Jul 2008

We have made several online travel reservations through Best Flights. The value is amazing, and we have never experienced any problems with our bookings.

lyndam10 23 Apr 2012 · 60% Trust

I am surprised because I travel frequently and this is by far the worst experience I have had - they should not be allowed to operate.

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