14 reviews about Big W

14 Aug 2012

Wish the service was better but love the low prices every day.
Would recommend as a value for money option

Approximate cost: $20

19 Jan 2012

Great store with fantastic prices.
You can buy new DVD's for under $15, and the clothes are good quality.
It usually is quite busy, though with the self-service checkouts, the lines moev quite quickly.

30 Jun 2011

Big W is great to shop at. Great low prices and everything is really easy to find. I also love the self serve checkouts.

25 May 2011

I can usually find what I am looking for at Big W. I often buy shoes for the kids and myself, books and sometimes clothes. I love the self check out system, makes shopping much quicker.

24 Apr 2011

Big W has great prices ad is always clean and well presented. It has your self service check outs if you don't like lining up but can be annoying when the malfunction and you have to wait for someone to come help you.

Approximate cost: $60

17 Feb 2011

It was a very normal experience. I enjoyed the lighting in the store, nice and bright. Customer service was above average.

Approximate cost: $20

20 Dec 2010

Big w is an awesome shop and is very cheap in prices. everyone should shop there. They have items to fufill every need from electronics to food

01 Nov 2010

I go to Big W to buy everything, they have a big range from makeup to food. Everything is at the lowest prices. They are also willing to refund items which are faulty or you change your mind. It is great.

Approximate cost: $20

17 Sep 2010

I love shopping at big w always had and always will.
the best part is it always has great shopping ideas and makes a good place to buy small gifts for everyone.
always has small sales and its always worth it/

22 Jul 2010

My first and last visit to this store, it seems almost empty and I couldnt find the catalogue item I was looking for. A major concern is that there are no staff around to help customers.
Big W has a cheap and nasty feel about it and I'd rather go to Kmart and Target.

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