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138 reviews about Ceasar's Hands Cosmetology & Tricology

22 Nov 2017

Never ceases to amaze me. Other hairdressers can be using the same products but they will not be able to deliver the same result. It is more than just products. It is the application of the science and knowledge.

Approximate cost: $230

10 Nov 2017

Excellent experience. Cesare great professional and fantastic knowledgeable master. in couple months my hair changed from dead discoloured to healthy and 'happy'. Thankyou Cesare for your work

Approximate cost: $250

06 Aug 2017

Four years ago I was looking for a hair dresser who was creative and a master of their art. I instantly found that with Ceasar. When I come in and am sure what I want, I leave happy. When I'm not sure what I want, Ceasar is able to work his magic and give me a look that is unique to me. I've hardly ever walked out with the same cut, testimony to Ceasar's skills as I've almost always kept my hair short. Many thanks Ceasar and Selviana!

31 Jul 2017

Cesare has been doing my hair since end of 1999, my hair condition was very poor, my natural curl lost its shine, my hair looked really unhealthy. Cesare's knowledge of thrycology and his expertise in working with curly hair have brought life to my curls. In May Cesare cut my hair resembling Betty Boop. I never received so many compliments in my life. From family, friends colleagues and acquaintances i\I was told that i looked a City Chick girl, one even said i was "cat walk" material. Everyone complimented on my new cut. Well done Cesare:). I always trust him with my hair.

30 Jul 2017

I been at Cesare salon,
The experience was fantastic.
Cesare is such a beautiful person, make you feel welcome and look after.
You will be alone in the salon and all the attention are for you.
I've never seen my hair so thick and healthy.
The experience was great and I'll definitely go back:)
Thank you again

17 Jul 2017

nice guy however wont be going back. my first appointment booked months in advance he was an hour or late. I was told last minute while out the front ready to go in, i had to wait 20 mins outside in the cold then wait another 30 inside watching while he finished someone else's hair. with chaz it was a pattern of delays he cancelled on me twice after delaying 2 of my appointments. He arranged all my reschedules and I followed his availability. the ending point was when he decides delayed me yet again because he didn't have the hair dye he needed for my hair. when I said I couldnt be available at the time he wanted to delay me to after he had cancelled on me so many times he pushed my next appointment a month out because I wouldn't do his new time for his error. i felt silly relying on this guy, his not reliable. I guess what annoyed me the most out of the whole experience was his website likes people on-time and will charge you and make it clear for you to be punctual yet you don't receive that respect. I'm very disappointed in the service. for an idea on time for new customers my first appointment for a hair cut ONLY I left at 11:40pm that night . My appointment was meant to be 7 15pm. just so new customers get an idea of what you may experience. I had work the next day and he barely cut any hair. he charged me 35 dollars per hair product. I bought 2 shampoos 1 conditioner, hair brush, hair spray, serum.

Approximate cost: $350

27 Jun 2017

I've discovered this hair salon two years ago. I am very happy with the service and products that Chez is using. Thanks to Chaz I've got my curles back.
Very happy customer.

26 Jun 2017

My recent experience with Chaz was nothing but amazing, Walked in with naturally curly but frizzy, damaged hair & walked out with beautiful, healthy defining curls. Chaz's approach is very professional & has wealth of information about your scalp & hair. He is one of a kind & can't wait to go back for my colour.

Approximate cost: $240.

16 Feb 2017

I recommend Ceasar's Hands unreservedly. I have never experienced such excellent service, knowledge and expertise, as well as value for money. It seems that no-one, including myself, has ever known how to look after my curls until now. I have gone from being perpetually disappointed with my hair to loving it. Totally worth the wait.

Approximate cost: $150

17 Jan 2017

Going to Caesar’s hands is a unique experience which combines personal care and attention with professional skill and knowledge. My hair is a bit frizzy and I have had many experiences where a hairdresser will focus on the styling of it by loading it with products at the end to look good. An hour later I can see that the cut is not good at all with layers puffing out and there will be no shape to it. Chez is completely different. He looks at the person, their lifestyle, the facial shape, the type of hair and its condition. He does not use heated irons and tonnes of products to tame the hair but gives it a shape with a great cut which complements your face. When I discovered Chez, my hair became healthy, natural and stylish without needing much work at all. Now that I live in New Zealand I still travel once or twice a year to get some much needed intervention and he always manages to find the time even if he has to stay at work until late. Highly recommended to all.

Approximate cost: $90

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