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18 reviews about Celebration Cakes

13 Apr 2017

Best place ever on earth to buy a cake. The presentation is immaculate and the store looks immaculate. well done.

Approximate cost: $55

18 Oct 2015

Been here, couldnt find parking but awesome once I DID. People will really love this place.

06 Mar 2015

Loved these cakes, tastes delicious and always care about the customers to %100. such a nice environment also. the prices are also so reasonable, they have all kinds of events so thats heaps good. can't wait to eat more of these cakes

Approximate cost: $200

26 Dec 2013

A friend who got married a few years ago used this cake business for her wedding cake. It was absolutely stunning and tasted amazing. So for a friends Birthday we had a chocolate mudcake slab with an owl and a floral design made ( to feed about 34 people) for around $200. The cake was moist and so easy to cut. Just beautiful!

They cater for any occasion birthdays, engagements, weddings, christenings, corporate events, they also make cupcakes and wedding cakes. Abit pricey but the cakes are just amazing, would recommend.

18 Aug 2013

i got married to the love of the my life last year in june and you know with any women getting married, they are all fairly frantic but celebration cakes were able to do exactly what she wanted and helped out to the best they could, its a very frieldnt little store that is there to help you on your special day, i recommend to everyone

29 Mar 2013

Our wedding cake was from Celebration Cakes. Visually, the cake looked exactly how we wanted it, their attention to detail is really good. You do all the selection from how the cake looks to taste from a computer, so there wasn't very much interaction with the staff until the end. They had a lot to choose from on display as well as on the computer! The cake also tasted good and moist, but not memorable. We had a three tier cake with different favours in each tier, in the end we had saved the first tier in the freezer for our anniversary but the cake didn't taste good however looked the same! Pricing is also reasonable and they have a variety of cakes to taste.

Approximate cost: $500

samanthar10 03 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

What a shame it didn't taste as good after being frozen

26 Mar 2013

I recently go a cake here for my daughter's Bar Mitzvah and she loved it. The rabi also had a slive and he said it was devine. They make great cakes and are a bit pricy but its worth it.

29 Oct 2012

Fantastic cakes shop that cater for all occasions. The service is great and the cakes are always fresh. Great for birthdays. Always very satisfied with their cakes.

29 Sep 2012

Would definitely recommend Celebration Cakes if you're looking for that perfect, tailor-made cake for a special occasion. We ordered a cake for a family member's 50th and the staff went the extra mile to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. The cake itself was deliciously made and fresh, and not too pricy.

neridac1 09 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Good to hear reviews, I've seen this place but never tried it out -will have to keep it in mind.

27 May 2012

Delicious, extravagant cakes are made here. Ive made a few purchases myself over the years and each time I go back they seem to get better!

tinasparkle33 05 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

Love the Eiffel tower cake

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