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12 reviews about Central Coast Tattoos

21 May 2012

my husband & i are absolutely besotted with out tattoos from u guys (done by rob) & are extremely comfortable and pleased to have art done in such a clean, relaxed and professional environment...will be back next weekend for more!!!

13 Oct 2011

What a great business....They make you feel so at ease, very friendly and super clean. I would reccommend them to anyone. Adam did my tattoo and he was just lovely, I am sooo happy with it. Thanks Adam.

Approximate cost: $240

19 Aug 2011

My partner just got a tatt of a devil lady by adam, it ia amazing. He is so happy he cant stop looking at it, to funny...
Thank you for making his day...
TASH xxxxx

Approximate cost: $300

18 Apr 2011

they where great guys good to talk to and they take the time to talk bout the tat and shop looks good open and clean.

18 Feb 2010

great people great artist shop spotless great to talk to good value for money highly recomend them. They took the time to talk to you about the tatoo. About your design they were very helpful i will be going back there for my next tatoo.

Approximate cost: $150

26 Nov 2009

Extremely helpful! Very experienced artists who take the time to sit down with you and talk to you about your tattoo, work with you, build on your ideas to create the perfect tattoo!

Approximate cost: $450

25 Nov 2009

Alot of the time for some people when you walk into some tattoo shops, It can feel a little daunting.

I have never felt this however when I have spoken to many of my mates , they have described there experience with the sound of somewhat feeling uncomfortable walking into any tattoo shop!!

The stereotype that has been made over the years of the atmosphere, environment and type of people has given the public a pre judgement before they step foot into a tattoo shop..

Central Coast Tattoos sets the standards high. The quality of tattoos that have come from the talented artists that are there are tattoos you cant stop looking at when they are finished and the smile stays on your face...

Those who work there are professional, hygienic, dedicated to doing the best they can for you, Fun loving and put 110% into customer satisfaction...

Customers are number 1 and whether I'm in the studio getting ink or cruising in for a chat , you get the impression of a genuine team and it makes you come back for more ...

Nick has done a few small pieces on me and I credit him for giving anything a go, nick is new to the scene of Central Coast Tattoos and has not been tattooing for long however each time I get a tattoo from him he gives it his best and I am extremely happy with his work so far... The more jobs he does the better he gets hes a natural!! Ive known Nick for a number of years and I feel proud to see him doing something not many people can do..

I want some pieces from all of the artists here. My next piece Im going to get Renee to do something special on my ribs . I have seen Renee do some awesome pieces and I find she understands what you want and creates something with originality and rawness..

Rob, Richard , Terry & Adam All there pieces I cant fault either. Ive seen really happy customers often coming back for more on the same day!!

The studio is one of the tidiest and cleanest shops Ive seen and Ive seen many between Qld and NSW.

I put my hands down to the man behind the scenes- He creates a positive energy on all levels towards his team and the public. The shop runs 110% because of him...

As time goes by people will be talking about Central Coast Tattoos as the place to go, they already are!! I am referring all my mates. A mate from Sydney and a mate from Qld are coming down to get inked this summer because of my positive feedback ive given them.. I wouldnt refer them if I didnt think they were high standards..

Come check out the place and see it for your own eyes :)

09 Nov 2009

These guys are awesome! Nick has done an awesome tribute to my boy on my arm and an awesome piece on my foot. Renee is currently doing a whole back piece which she is freehanding - i love every bit of it and cant wait to get back in the chair! Adam has done heaps of awesome work on my wrist, thumb, and belly. Rob did a mad cover up for me that no other tattoo shop could fix. Its heaps clean n tidy, shop girls are really helpful, prices are awesome, and im really stoked with the way all my work has turned out. Im already booked in for more!! Ive been to tattoo shops all over australia and nothing beats these guys! Definatley a central coast tattoos regular!!

09 Nov 2009

Tattoo'd by Nick - flawless line work! Healed up well, really happy overall. Mad environment, clean, will definately go back again to see nick! Really happy with how my tat happy with turned out!!

Approximate cost: $200

08 Nov 2009

i was in getting a tattoo from richard the day the girl who wrote the bad rating was in there as im a regular paying client. in no way is what this girl said true i am dealt with in a respected manner always by all the crew here ive seen nicks artwork and it is really good. dont forget he is young also and has along way to go! central coast tattoos is the cleanest easiest tattoo shop to walk in to on the coast, and there are alot of tattoo shops here! 5 stars all round for central coast tattoos!

Approximate cost: $300

AmberK 01 Dec 2009 · 100% Trust

You just said it, he has a long way to go, take a look at my leg why dont you you idiot.

AmberK 01 Dec 2009 · 100% Trust

Don't you dare say what I say isn't true I'm the one with the tattoo on my leg you complete asshole.

Dieldrynne 29 Mar 2010 · 100% Trust

My, aren't you the hostile one, AmberK?

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