Chumley Warners Traditional British Fish And Chips

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4 reviews about Chumley Warners Traditional British Fish And Chips

20 Feb 2016

First time we went we were wowed at the experience. Have not been for quite some time, but had visitors from the UK so thought they would like the idea.
Sorry to say, they and we were very disappointed!!
Chips, OK, nothing special, fish was average , we found that when we got home 1 of the fish pieces was missing.
Served by young inexperienced staff who appeared not to give a damn!!

13 Dec 2013

Went with my sister and brother in-law who is English…when I told him about the shop he was super excited to try it and compare just to see if he thought it was anything like home. Was a nice surprise when we arrived and found the people there were also English. We had a bit of a sample of everything – scampi were very tasty, Pickled egg was a new one for me but not bad at all, black/blood pudding was great and better than most I've tried. Haddock and chips with curry were cooked perfectly and the only thing my brother in-law could find that was any different from home was the oil tasted a little different and he was eating them in 27 degree heat not 7! But other than that it was truly great food and he thought it was definitely just like home!

03 Dec 2013

Thought we would try here to see what the difference between British fish n chips and Aussie fish n chips was.
When we 1st walked in we were pleasantly suprised that the staff were British, however they didn't greet us or speak to us until a few minutes after we had already been there a few minutes, but they then happily explained some of the menu that we were unfamiliar with to us.
The food was a bit more expensive than we usually pay but were willing to pay extra for good food.
We had the Haddock and chips and potato scallops, we left the faggots, haggis and mushy peas for another day, and 2 British soft drinks. The fish and scallops were good, a little greasy but still good but the chips were a let down. They were hand cut but they were soggy and over-cooked, really spoiled the experience for us.

05 Nov 2013

Had cod nchips with curry sauce. It's amazing. Exactly how fish and chips in the uk is. They've got haddock and mushy peas and all drinks imported from uk. I had TIZER. The shop just took me back to my English roots. Prices comparable. High for a family but share options are good with some good kid meals. If your an ex pat. This is the food of choice.all food fried fresh to order. We'll worth it

Approximate cost: $15

DemonAngel 07 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

Not an ex pat but would love to have the REAL fish and chips experience! Have to give this a shot next time we're in town!

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