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14 reviews about Cosmic Smile Dental

08 Nov 2016

All of the staff are very welcoming, friendly and professional, and Dr. Pang took the time to patiently listen to all concerns, providing helpful advice and diligent, careful service. A real perfectionist. Very happy! Thank you.

01 Feb 2014

Always great service and good customer care. Dentist always gives options and procedures always clearly explained.

17 Dec 2013

Gentle, kind and compassionate. Let's you know what's going on. Gives you options, laser dentistry available. Clinic does not smell like disinfectant, only one dentist, so you can't hear others being worked on.

13 Dec 2013

Painless, affordable, knowledgeable, a pleasant experience. I actually fell asleep during the procedure.

Approximate cost: $175.00

28 Nov 2013

i was a bit nervous after needing to find a dentist to replace my dentist off over 25 years who was retiring. I found Cosmic Smile to be a caring and professional team. I see the hygienist every 6 months and am always treated in calm and friendly manner.

Approximate cost: $250.00

08 Nov 2013

Fear prevented me from going to the dentist regularly for years but I needed to bite the bullet because I needed to have a tooth removed. I did the usual Google search and found Jason Pang, so I decided to give him a go. After an initial clean, I came back for the extraction and admittedly there was some minor discomfort due to an infection because I'd left it so long, but I haven't had any major issues since and now I get the regular 6 monthly check ups without concern. If you fear the dentist because of the potential pain, needles and getting ripped off, you wont have an issue with Cosmic Smile they're awesome! Unlike other dentists who either don't really care or are looking to make money by recommending every conceivable cosmetic procedure, Jason and his team are caring, consultative and honest - they're more worried about you mouth than their bank balance.

Velvethearts 08 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

Great to hear of a dental practice out to help customers then help themselves to your money! Thanks for the review!

06 Nov 2013

After x-rays, I had two fillings replaced - simple, effective, painless and quick. Went back the next week for a session with the friendly hygienist - an equally good experience.

25 Oct 2013

Upon a friend's recommendation, I decided to try Dr Pang when my regular dentist happened to be away on holiday. I was so impressed with his work that I decided to switch even though I didn't have any issues with my previous dentist.
It is impressive to learn they have a room dedicated to teeth whitening and I am very pleased with the result.

10 Sep 2013

I can not recommend the team and Jason enough. My teeth are fantastic and i have not felt so comfortable walking into a dentist, i normally sweat and get very nervous. But with Jason and the staff i felt at ease and i was very looked after and i have to say i will be back. Thank you for the pain free experience. Daniel

Approximate cost: $1850

03 Aug 2013

I don't usually write reviews but after two years of attending Cosmic Smile, I feel compelled to! Dr Pang and his staff are very welcoming and professional. I usually hate the dentist but Dr Pang is more than understanding of my needle phobia! I would highly recommend this clinic. I'm not sure how he finds the time but I'm confident Dr Pang provides the latest techniques and he's the only one I trust to care for both mine and my family's teeth.

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