3 reviews about Country FruitDistributors Pty Ltd

01 Jun 2012

Country Fruit has really good quality fruit & vegetables as well a very extensive range of gourmet / delicatessen type foods. They have gluten free products as well.
The quality & presentation of the food is always 100%. sThe customer service is excellent. Staff carry your groceries out to the car for you with a smile if you need that and they are great with the kids as well. It's always clean and tidy.

Prices of fruit & veggies are good, perhaps slightly more expensive than supermarket, but not unreasonable. Some of the gourmet products are at the higher price range.

Country Fruit also will make up fruit baskets and fruit boxes for raffles and events. We've used them for our sports club as the price is good and the contents are always really fresh.

Approximate cost: $varies

31 May 2012

Great, high quality produce. They have a very wide range of fruit and vegetables, but also gourmet. Including cheeses, local chutneys etc., meats, seafood... everything!

The only thing is that the prices are quite high. However for the quality, it's satisfactory value.

04 Mar 2010

They have really good produce and a wide range of gourmet foods. The prices are more expensive than the supermarkets such as Cole's, Woolworth s etc. but the freshness is much better. They look really good.

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