10 reviews about Dan Murphy's

12 Jul 2016

Great customer service, brilliant prices, massive range! Highly recommend. I absolutely love

09 Nov 2013

The look and feel of Dan Murphy's is unique - always very clean and clutter-free and easy to find which area your chosen drink is. Only problem is choosing the specifics, well stocked with lots of choices. Love shopping here!

Ami111 09 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

best place ever

25 Sep 2013

i love to shop here as their prices truely are unbeatable in the way in which theyll match any competitors prices and give you a further discount,they never seem to run out of stock and the store is always kept clean and clutterfree....i find the staff very friendly and courteous ....my only complaint is when they get very busy it can take a while to be served due to the queues and not enough chekout operators

21 Aug 2013

We regularly buy wine an beer from here and have only been impressed with the service.The staff are helpful and patient(hubby takes his time). I will be a continued supporter.

19 Aug 2013

I sometimes buy my hubbys beer from these guys and find the service varies every time, I guess it depends on the staff working at the time, their mostly happy to help when you can't find what you're looking for and usually friendly but overall they have pretty good value for money and sometimes great specials too I love their huge range and that there clean, spacious and tidy with plenty of room to move because i'm not a fan of shopping anywhere in tight spaces

lucy91 19 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Cheapest prices around too

14 Aug 2013

Good place, i really enjoy going there. One of my friends works here and shes heaps friendly. Cheap alcohol and stocks stuff that hasnt been around for a long long time and stuff you wont find in other liquor shops.

muliono 14 Aug 2013 · 90% Trust

agree, it's such a nice place

13 Aug 2013

Its the best place for variety, friendly customer services, a great atmosphere, the alcohol is cheaper than most liquor stores around. They even stock drinks that you havent seen around for a while.

09 Aug 2013

I went there to buy some stuff for a party. What I thought would cost me at least a couple of hundred dollars, cost me under the hundred dollar mark. I bought a case of Asahi beer, at $45 on special, and a few bottles of wine, and got them all around $3 per bottle. And it wasn't crap wine, it tasted really nice, and the people who I shared it with enjoyed it, too. Dan Murphys has the best prices in town, and the biggest range of products.

08 Aug 2013

i have looked a few times on line at their prices and once i went to there store in southern river (closet one to where i live) to get all my alcohol for my 30th last year as they were the cheapest any where

05 Aug 2013

being inherently lazy, rather than walk the 50 ms to the bottle shop or drive 5 mins i decided to buy online. This is ridiculously easy and if you know what you want easier still. I ordered 2 boxes and they were delivered in about 3 days. I was kept informed at all times and received texts when the wine order was placed, sent to the store, in transit and delivered. I had to call the help line when things seemed lost (actually my error) , and they were incredible helpful. The delivery fee was acceptable and the convenience paramount. Also, there were specials online. Def the way to go- easier than lugging boxes of wine home.

natalie_ax 05 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Sounds great, provided you know what you want :)

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