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19 reviews about David Cartier Photography

11 Oct 2016

ATTENTION ALL CUSTOMERS OF DAVID CARTIER: we were recently affected by the failure of David to complete the job we paid him to do. If you are also affected you can claim through PayPal for your loss. They will assess your circumstances and may refund you what they deem reasonable.

ec61 13 Oct 2016 · 60% Trust

It's so wrong isn't it
He does lovely photos but to rip everyone off what an ass
not good for his business

07 Oct 2016

Beautiful photos shame he accepts your money but doesn't post the photos he 'misplaced 'my photos so has to send USB promising to send them out and a bonus
back to him week later still nothing not replying to emails
Still waiting after a month

19 Aug 2016

Same as everyone else who have posted...DO NOT BUY HIS PACKAGES!!! We had our photo shoot in February and the session ans photos were ok, but I paid extra $50 to get a photo retouched, emailed him the photos and still haven't heard back from him even after numerous phone calls and emails. He doesn't answer his phone and has blocked I'm coming calls. I believe he is a scammer and hope no one else gets deceived by him again!!

Approximate cost: $250

32c83c34 02 Dec 2016 · 50% Trust

were you able to get them at the end? I just bought a package as a gift for someone and since seeing these reviews I wanted to get my money back and find somewhere else to go but wasn't able to because 'change of mind' wasn't a valid reason. I wish I read all this before buying it..

15 Jul 2016

RIPPED OFF! We purchased a premium package which included many retouched photos. He did the photo shoot but then we never heard from him. We never got the final photos, even after many, many months of following up with him and asking nicely. He ignored all of our communication and requests including phones, emails and messaging. He is a scammer who has no intention of providing the product he sells!! Avoid like the plague!! I hope the law catches up with him soon!

22 May 2016

I wouldnt recommend this photographer not even if he was the last one left in this country. The word unprofessional doesn't even begin to describe this business. He doesn't provide you with the end product and will not respond to any emails or calls. Please stay away from him if you don't want to be ripped off

21 Apr 2016

Worst service ever. Experience OK upto shoot now 7 weeks later and no response from any of numerous emails I sent. I am still waiting for the touch up photos. Unfortunately was not able to use the photo for a milestone event and David showed no respect in acknowledging any communication. He now does not publish his mobile number. Left very disappointment and ripped off. Paid for a full service and received only half. Do not waste your time. Does anyone know a professional photographer?

09 Oct 2015

Our shoot was enjoyable but it took two months for David to produce the final finished photos, which he promised within one week. He wouldn't return calls or answer emails. When we did finally recieve the finished photos they weren't even the ones we chose. Its fine to be able to take photos but David, the real art is to learn to treat people with tespect and to provide a professional service from end - to - end. He is making a killing making people think its a package deal. False advertising is a punashable offence David!

16 Sep 2015

Thank you David! you were fantastic with the kids, I will highly recommend you to all my friends :)

Approximate cost: $250

07 Sep 2015

David is incredible! David made my boys relax from the moment we came to the studio, his jokes and magic tricks are just a bonus to the great experience and wonderful photos that we received. I highly recommend David for anyone looking to get a family portrait done.

Approximate cost: $250

07 Sep 2015

Thank you David for a memorable experience! My wife and I are in love with the photos, you made us feel relax and comfortable during the whole photo shoot :) I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Approximate cost: $350

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