8 reviews about Dr Andrew The House Call Vet

06 Sep 2017

Dr. Andrew was wonderful. Our pugs loved him. Highly recommend. Great service and healed our dog, quickly :)

06 Jun 2012

Dr Andrew is amazing! It is with a heavy heart I write this testimonial as our dog passed last night. At almost 16 years old we knew the time was coming and that we wanted her to pass in her home. Our local vet only does housecalls at midday and our dog Skye would have likely suffered throughout the night as much as our family would have had we had to go through the overnight anticipation of what we were about to go through with Skye in the pain that seemed obvious. I did a quick google search for 'housecall vets' and Andrew was the first one on the list. His understanding and compassion were evident on the telephone as he advised that he would be at our home in an hour. Allowing enough time for my husband to come home from work. Andrew showed respect, compassion, empathy for our family during this difficult time of tremendous grief. He was gentle and kind to Skye and talked us through everything that he was doing and what would happen as Skye passed. He accommodated and encouraged our need (husband, myself and our 11 & 12 yr old children) to hold, kiss, cuddle and comfort our dog as he helped Skye and our family transition between her life and her death.
Dr Andrew has an undefinable caring for the animals and their owners that is truely incredible.
And, if there was ever a sign that fate plays a role when we are unsure of the decisions we are making last night truely was a fateful event... you see... I went to greet Andrew at the door and as soon as I saw him I knew he presence was a message from 'somewhere'. It turns out he was Skye's very first ever vet from almost 16 years ago. It was only through our movements and Andrews that we ever lost touch in the first place when Skye was 1 or 2. Andrew was so wonderful with Skye as a puppy that she never had any 'issues' with vets in the first place. Thank you so much Andrew for all of your help last night and today and I am grateful that we have found you again. If we are ever fortunate enough to have another dog you will be our special vet forever.

Approximate cost: $unknown

riya 06 Jun 2012 · 0% Trust

Quite a long review , but worthwhile..thanks.

katburi 06 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

I am very sorry for your loss. thank you very much for this excellent review.

06 Mar 2011

We had Andrew Vawser as a vet from the time he started his mobile vet business. He is the best with animals and after moving away from the area missed him terribly.
I would recommend him to anyone. He has the right compassion and understanding and is a pleasure to deal with

17 Feb 2011

I read the reviews for Dr.Andrew and was impressed so decided to give him a go. We found him to be a very understanding vet who is both compassionate and realistic (we have a very old dog). As he is a mobile vet, he comes prepared with whatever 'equipment' may be required (we had to put an Elizabethan collar on) and his prices are reasonable. It was so helpful that home visits as we struggled to get our local vet to do the same without SO much effort and additional expense. Dr.Andrew is flexible and delivers medication without extra cost - that is really helpful when we're all busy! My dog does not like Vets AT ALL and apart from being so old it is hard to transport him, he nearly kills the vet during the visit as he does not like them (bit like us and the dentist I would suspect). Dr.Andrew has a way (together with his treats) of making an assessment without our dog knowing he's a vet :o). I would recommend Dr.Andrew as a great vet.

08 Dec 2010

AMAZING! My cat hates going to the vet, so it was great to have someone come to our place, especially as she was so under the weather. Very thorough and explains everything we needed to know without providing too many scary details about "what if" current treatment wasn't successful.

Which was great, because we would have been worried for no reason……….correct diagnosis & treatment first up and a much happier and healthier cat 24-48 hours later.

Cost was the same as taking her into a local vet but without the stress!!

03 Sep 2009

We have had Andrew as our vet for many years with a number of pets and found him to be really good with our pets. He is very easy to get along with and can explain things in a way we can easily understand.
He has been very attentive and caring when one of our pets developed terminal cancer and was particularly helpful during a stressful time.

05 Feb 2008

Andrew is a great VET and we have followed him from his last practice. He provides a great insight into your pet - dog in my case - and really listens to you and trys to understand problems. Works well with the animals as well

15 Dec 2007

Dr Andrew Vawser is a very caring and experienced vet, with many years experience. By making house calls, Dr Andrew allows both pets and their owners to be totally relaxed in their own environment. He always arrives at the arranged time and his professional fees are very reasonable. Dr Andrew would be my first choice for a vet consultation if my pets are unwell. I have followed him through many veterinary surgeries in Box Hill, Mont Albert and Balwyn and I have always found his advice to be both practical and relevant. He gets on very well with any animals I've asked him to see, always putting them at their ease, even when they have a nervous temperament. I would recommend Dr Andew to anyone who cares for their pets.

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