8 reviews about Dr Colin Little Allergist

24 Mar 2016

Good doctor. Very old school and doesn't explain much of what is happening. Great medical advice and knowledge. Main downside is a terrible interaction I had with a receptionist. Incredibly rude and condescending, has no interpersonal customer service skills. Definitely know what your doing before you go because they probably won't help much.

Approximate cost: $150

08 Jun 2015

I was referred to doctor little by my mum, who used to.work in his reception/front desk. I had shocking hay fever which he cured via desensitising injections administered over about two years.
After the initial few consultations with Dr.little, I mainly went every month or whatever it was to.receive my injections. This.involved little or.no.contact with The good doctor himself. I'd just go.straight upstairs to be treated by the nurses.etc.
As far as I'm concerned, he can be eccentric, short, brusque, absent minded or just plain rude. He's brilliant at what he does, and if ur suffering, you will put up.with anything. That said, He always treated me well, but I may not have gotten the Joe.blow.General public version of.his.bedside manner due to being his employee's son. As above though. Cop it.sweet.cos.he's the best there is.

12 Aug 2013

I would reccemend this doctor because is nice help feel and knows what he is doing and clean and helps out a lot and if u need a doctor in mount Waverley I would recommend this doctor

24 Jul 2013

I've been taking my son to Dr Little since he was 3 and a half for his allergies and asthma. I don't think he is very patient with children, very 'old school' mentality when it comes to how they should behave,however, in saying that, he is very good at what he does and that is treating people's allergies. Thanks to Dr Little's treatment and advice, my son has not had an asthma attack in months and one of his allergies has nearly disappeared. I now take my toddler to see him bc he has an allergy to eggs and despite his lack of skills in dealing with children I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other parent. The ladies at the front desk, especially Mary and the nurses are extremely knowledgeable about the medications prescribed by Dr Little and are always patient with the kids despite working in a busy clinic. If you can get an appointment, take it. He is worth a visit!

04 Apr 2013

I have been seeing Dr Little since October 2012. He is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and committed specialist doctor.

Dr Little investigates through a series of either sublingual allergy drops, blood tests, food challenges or looks at your surrounding (or all of these as he did with me) to work out what is making you sick.

This took some time for me as I have debilitating sensitives to an endless list of triggers.

I cannot express enough appreciation for what Dr Little has done for me, his specialist care is second to none. There are not many doctors in Australia who have the knowledge regarding my illness that he does, so I feel very fortunate that we are both located in Victoria so I can reap the benefit of his expertise.

20 Nov 2010

Dr Little is an extraordinarily learned man, actively engaged in pioneering research in this field as well as running an extremely busy practice. As such he may occasionally come across as distracted or distant, but you can absolutely depend on his advice and treatment. The treatments require discipline and this is hard for many patients who want a quick fix. He is compassionate, dedicated, and brilliant. I spent over 10 years with an increasingly debilitating illness, where I had seen multiple specialists over the years who prescribed multiple medications, none of which seemed to help until I came across Dr Little. I accidentally ran into him whilst in a hospital unit in which there were several of his patients. After extensive testing and a very rigorous regime of exclusions, my health improved dramatically, to the point where I needed no more medications. Before this I would never have guessed that the broad range of symptoms I had could be allergy related. Note that the treatment took several years, but my quality of life went from zero (bedridden) to being able to live a relatively normal life and recommenced employment.

31 Aug 2010

Lacks empathy, respect. Does not provide basic information or ask before doing tests (for which you are charged extra

Approximate cost: $238.00

Saturn 04 Apr 2013 · 60% Trust

This is also the total opposite of my experience with Dr Little who has saved me from being permanently bed ridden. Some people just don’t want to follow the regime Dr L provides, it is tough, but if you are truly sick you will follow his instructions. And of course there are many people out there who just want a magical (medication) fix, but most things Dr Little deals with include YOU having to make changes in your life. It’s totally your loss if you didn’t adhere to advise, he is a very busy Dr, so it’s good for other people who are truly sick and want to help themselves.

Jacolyn 04 Jan 2017 · 0% Trust

This is also the opposite of my experience. I have some life-threatening allergies to triggers that are almost impossible to avoid, and Dr. Little has given me some semblance of normality back, whereas before seeing him, I was ending up in hospital so often that I practically had a bed with my name on it. He can seem abrupt, but he's just really busy, and I've never experienced extra costs without warning or discussion. Dr. Little has made a huge difference to my life and by extension, to my hubby's life, too. I can't thank him enough for that.

madhurin 05 Oct 2017 · 0% Trust

He told me clearly what the expense will be and also considered me postponing for a later time. He's absolutely amazing with advice and expertise.

29 Oct 2009

After suffering for years with bad hay fever I finally decided to bite the bullet and see an allergist. Dr Little was recommended to me by work colleagues who found his treatment to be very helpful. He is a specialist physician, whose expertise is in diagnosing and treating allergies. His approach to diagnonsis is very thorough and after this you can then choose whether to have his practice administer the desensitization injections or your local GP can do this. He has a kind, if slightly eccentric manner, and his reception and nursing staff are all very pleasant.

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