25 reviews about Dr Peter Tang

05 Jun 2017

Communication was and still is terrible. Still waiting for a receipt from November last year... 7 months ago!

Approximate cost: $3000

18 Oct 2016

Generally very caring and kind doctor as others have mentioned. My one dislike is he only refer to his preferred radiologist for scans (and cost almost double than other provider). Im generally fine with that...

But... When my wife scans with other radiologist, he didn't look properly at the results and said few things are missing e.g. estimated baby weight, others. He could have called the radiologist to clarify?? but instead he didn't and just brushed off by saying the operator at other radiology didn't have much training and missing things. He asked my wife to rescan at his preferred radiologist. Upon checking the original scan results, I found the information he said missing is actually printed black and white in the film.. it's just not his friend radiologist..hence all the negativity... in this particular sense, he could have been more professional in my opinion..

Approximate cost: $2800

27 Jan 2016

A very kind gentle man. Makes you feel safe throughout your pregnancy. He always took my concerns seriously and never brushed my concerns off.
He was just wonderful and I felt safe during my labour. He explained all procedures along the way even when I was scared he put me to ease telling me he was going to give me a helping hand to meet my baby -forceps

Always in time for appointents. My partner came with me to all appointments and Peter always asked if he had any concerns and gave him advise along the way eg- sleep in the sofa and give her a few nights of sleep.
He joked about the footy and made us feel at ease.

I always knew my baby was safe.
If your looking for a ob that sits with u amd talks about every detail of your preganacy his not the one for you. I had a smooth pregnancy so my appointments were 5minutes long of I had no questions.
He was absent a few times due to delivering babies but that made me know if u needed him he would put appointments on hold.
Thank you to Peter for delivering my baby girl Charlotte on 12th November at Mitcham Private

If you have any questions feel free to ask me becc078@yahoo.com.au il be happy to help you make the choice

I would recommend him to everyone and know your in safe hands I would see Peter again if I to have another child

Approximate cost: $2800

30 Oct 2015

Dr Tang delivered my bub via emergency c section in 2013 as a fill in ob (mine was on holidays). He was brilliant. I was so pleased, especially on the back of an ob who had poor social skills, to have such a nice, calm man deliver my little man. Scar was minimal and on checks with other doctors it healed surprisingly quickly and neatly apparently. Hope to have him for my whole pregnancy next time.

05 May 2015

Dr Peter Tang was my obs for both my pregnancies 2011 and 2014. Both were ivf so I wanted to make sure I was in good hands. I felt very comfortable with dr Tang. I trusted all the advice that he provided. I'm not planing a 3rd but if I was I would go back to dr Tang.

02 Apr 2015

I had the pleasure of having Dr Tang as my Obstretrican and I wouldn't choose anyone else. Everything was explained to me so I could understand what was going on. I was scared about what labour and the delivery was all about he took the fear away. I will go back to have my second child with him.

06 Jan 2015

i have had the pleasure of having Peter Tang deliver both of my kids at Knox Private, my first in 2004 and my second in 2013. I would not have gone back for a second if I couldn't of had Peter Tang. He was there every step of the way for my pregnancies and didn't ever overwhelm me with things I didn't need to know. He just told me what was needed for my pregnancies. I now have two beautiful kids thanks to him and would highly recommend him.

25 Mar 2013

Dr Tang delivered our daughter in March 2013 and he was fantastic through the whole pregnancy. He also understood our special circumstances as my husband was based interstate. He has a fantastic bedside manner and he ran pretty close to time for appointments. I would highly recommend Dr Tang and would want him to deliver any future children.

Approximate cost: $1800

03 Dec 2012

After reading th reviews, we approached Dr. Tang for a specialist checkup. We found Dr. Tang to be a very friendly, approachable and down to earth person. He definitely made us feel comfortable and explained the entire procedure in layman's terms. We are very impressed with his services and would recommend him to everyone I know for gynac matters.

Approximate cost: $1000.00

15 Apr 2012

Just reading the reviews on a wonderful OB after having 3 children through Peter. My first 2 children were twins 2005 and my 3rd 2009, who was also a twin. I personally found Peter fantastic and definitely made me feel important from start to finish. I was admitted into Knox Private several times before the birth of my twins and at some point for a 5 weeks period. Peter came in almost very morning to check on my welfare. I knew my body wasn't equipped to have twins as it was the worst time in my life. At no point did Peter make me feel worse than I was, infact he would say things that would push me through from one day to the next for the better of the babies! Being guided by Peter and most days I was at my worst he always pushed me to get to the end for the health of the babies. It was me that had enough in the end and I actually became unsafe to myself. I begged him for a C/S knowing that at this point the babies we're safe to enter this world. He did try and by a couple more days for a natural birth but I'd come to conclusion it really wasn't healthy for me and they had to come out!! I'd spoken to the amazing nurses in the Risby Ward which also were amazing the whole time and they also agreed it was time. Peter than came back that morning and granted my wish. I don't regret my decision and Peter was not rude, selfish and name calling at any point.
My second pregnancy also being twins, to my horror! I had lost 1 at 11 weeks which was horrible but I must say I felt some relief as my pregnancy was heading down the exact path as first. Peter understood and helped me mentally deal with what I had lost. He was prepared to allow me to try a natural birth until my third grew to almost 10lbs. We then decided to go C/S and i was annoyed for this but had found that Peter had made the best decision as the cord was wrapped twice around the babies neck.
I now have 3 amazing kids, yes at times they are annoying but I honestly know that it hadn't been for Peters guidance with all his ability my experience and results could of been, well I would hate to think. Seeing how my kids are now I am eternity grateful to Peter. Best OB for me and would recommend him to the world as I put him through the mincer. So if your needing someone to keep you safe and your baby/babies he is definitely the one!!!
As for his negative feedback-there is always 1! Perhaps better attitude may of assisted you to a better experience?!?

Approximate cost: $Cant remember, was worth every cent!

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