Dr Xue Qin He - Watsonia Dental Surgery

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8 reviews about Dr Xue Qin He - Watsonia Dental Surgery

04 Apr 2017

Dr He is good patient Dentist. I always had a few of dentists, but to my surprise after the tooth extraction was complete , I came out feeling very pleased with his style I.e explaining in detail what he was doing, not rushing - was calm, patient and very accommodating with my "nervousness" . [redacted clinical content] For the future I will have confidence, Highly recommended.

22 Aug 2016

The best Dentist I have been to. I had complete trust in his ability and have highly recommended Dr. He to family and friends. Lyn Jones.

07 Jun 2016

Dr HE is a great professional. He is kind, friendly and very helpful. Very gentle with the operations.
I won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, because he is such a wonderful person and highly skilful doctor.

11 Apr 2016

After being afraid of the dentist for years I came across Dr. He from reviews on womo when I was in urgent need of a root canal. He is extremely gentle and understanding of people's anxiety. Prices are also very good and the staff are friendly and accommodating. Ive been seeing him a few years now and never had any pain or trouble getting an appointment.

13 Mar 2015

Dr He is a great dentist. I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted, there was no pain at all from surgery to recovery. I recovered with no complication. He is very gentle and I was surprised I went in with no fear as I would usually be afraid when seeing a dentist, instead there was so much confidence and reassurance from this dentist. Definitely recommend him.

09 Mar 2013

I would highly recommend this dentist. He is very gentle and does amazing work. My daughter needed a root canal to which I was quoted $3000 plus from a specialist with over $2000 out of pocket expected. Medibank private recommended this dentist to me a he was local to me. When all was finished I wasnt even as much as $500 out of pocket. I was so impressed with his work and manner , that he is now our family dentist and has been for the past 2 years. I would rate this dentist as high as 10 out of 10 :)

11 Mar 2010

he is an excellent dentist, very kind,very patient and most importantly he is very gentle,i would definitely recommend him to whom ever is afraid of the dentist or needles..i couldn't even feel the injection!!

wendyc12 07 Jun 2011 · 90% Trust

I can't agree more with suadt, I am currently attending Dr He... and he is soooo patient and gentle, always asking me if I am ok and explaining to me, everything he is doing. I have never in my life been excited to go to the Dentist, but I am now... the whole staff are wonderful. Highly recommended

08 Sep 2008

Dr. He took over the business from Dr. Shinewell. I lost a tooth playing sport and Dr. He completed the root canal and capping of the tooth. Excellent work. Great Dentist. Not one to be frightened of!!

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