7 reviews about El Loco

21 Dec 2017

3 tacos for $20 - i was satisfied with the baja fish, al pastor and asada varieties. Awesome! packed with fresh flavour and 3 filled me. Awesome atmosphere so vibrant and refreshingly cool.

14 Aug 2016

Came here for some taco's and cocktails. A little over priced but flavours are really good and drinks are delicious. Bustling bar setting which is great for casual drinks and social events

14 Jul 2014

Absolutly fantastic vibe at El loco. While the prices are not the cheapest around, the quality of food is fantastic and to this day I will say it is the best Mexican in Sydney that I have tried. The carne asada is to die for

#1 in Brisbane QLD
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26 Nov 2013

Amazing Mexican place selling best Mexican foods. I love their Taco and their tortillas much softer. Their homemade guacamole was just smooth and creamy. My favourite is their pork belly with crackling taco which was just divine. Generous portion and good price. The staff were nice and friendly too.

Approximate cost: $25

31 Mar 2013

What a great surprise this place was, we were walking past and were taken by the bright colours, we ordered tacos and nachos to take away and were blown away by the taste, can wait to head back there again

allir 31 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

sounds like a great place

14 Jan 2013

I recently went to Surry Hills and decided to check out El Loco. I have heard a few good reviews about this place through the grape vine.

It had a real warm and friendly atmosphere. All very Mexican. The music was a little bit loud but I suppose it gave it a real busy vibe. The drinks were a little over priced for what they were, however still enjoyable

The food arrived promptly, and with a big group (8+) the food came at the same time. I choose the tacos which I really enjoyed, they were not dry as many tacos can be. They were very filling and enjoyable.

The staff were all very friendly and welcoming.

I am glad I checked this little Mexican Place out. I will be going back soon.

04 Jun 2012

Great little mexican style pub.
Tacos are really nice (they are soft shell) but small so 1 will never be enough.
Margaritas and great and they have a few different types - the Jalapeño Margarita has a good nice kick to it and the pink (pink grapefruit) one is really nice.
Not a huge menu of food or drinks but what they have is spot on. You will go back again for sure.

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