16 reviews about Fisherman's Wharf

22 Oct 2013

the service here is great the food is always fresh and tasty great location on the waterfront recommend to everyone i will def go here for fresh and cooked seafood again

24 Sep 2013

Nice little spot for a fish and chip shop. Food is fresh an tastes great. Beautiful waterfront location. Good spot for the kids, you can even see sea creatures in the water.

05 Nov 2012

Very yummy and fresh fish n chips. Beautiful waterfront location with a fun kids playground. Lots of fun for the kids - you can spot turtle and fish in the water, and kids adore the baby ducks crossing the road. Great family meal and fun.

05 Nov 2012

Really great tasting fish & chips in a nice spot.
Nice to sit and have a bite to eat while watching the pelicans on the waterfront. Didn't have to wait overly long for my food to be cooked and was very happy with the quality.

melissap25 21 Mar 2013 · 70% Trust

they have the best creamy garlic prawns!!!

26 Aug 2012

Great location for fish and chips i have found. Typical fish and chips but also fresh seafood. Fishermans basket is ample, even just a fish and chips is good. My tip to to take your food and it east down along the river bank, away from the take away. That way it is quieter and away from the pelicans.

Approximate cost: $15

06 Apr 2012

Best fish & chips on the coast! Delicious fresh seafood on the water what more could you want?! Great takeaway place - you can also buy fresh seafood from them and pay an extra $1.00 for them to batter it. If I had to write anything negative its that they don't have chicken salt...

Approximate cost: $20

14 Mar 2012

Very very good!! I hve been going here for years as its very consistant. Always busy and the staff are happy too.

18 Feb 2012

The freshest seafood and the best serving portion I have ever come across in a seafood restaurant! It is cheap when compared to there seafood restaurant! The downside is the service is ok. So, you go for the food, not for the service since its cheap! DO NOT EXPECT 5 STAR SERVICE since you are not paying 5 STAR price. However, be won over by the food, the food is simply amazing! The chef is amazing!

21 Oct 2011

We went there last night for there 2nd "evening " open (now open Wed - Sat pm's ). The tapas were wonderful, atmosphere is sensational now revamped! This restaurant will come to great things on the coast! Finally somewhere funky on the peninsula!

Approximate cost: $15

16 Apr 2011

Best seafood in all our 3 continual years traveling the world!! We have been eating here since 1986. The restaurant on the wharf has a great atmosphere over the water. We always do "tappas" by making a meal out of various entrees...its to die for!!

Approximate cost: $26

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