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08 Oct 2013

Unfortunately we've made the mistake of signing a lease through Fletchers Greensborough and have received nothing but contempt and poor service. Slow, inaccurate or no responses to maintenance requests, missleading advertisement (online ad said freshly painted - reality is holes are patched and walls are filthy, and also said heating just installed - actually happened several weeks after we signed the lease and we moved in during the peak of winter) and appalling quality service in general. The initial inspection photos were taken in the dark, half an hour before we were due to meet her at her office (she was late) to collect the keys, with the curtains drawn - even though the power was connected! As a result, most of them look like the photos your phone accidentally takes in the bottom of your bag!

I requested a change in the date of an inspection so I could be home to prevent our rather devious indoor cats from escaping and received a flat-out no. Their justification for denying it is that it is their legal entitlement to come when they specify and on that basis they don't have to vary the date on request. When I remarked to the manager that it seemed unreasonable that they not extend this courtesy given our poor experiences, he simply said he didn't know the details but it was probably the landlord's fault! No offer to follow up, no interest and certainly no courtesy or professional respect.

As a tenant you will find that there are agents who treat you as a human and there are agents who treat you with contempt. These are the latter. There are plenty of great agents in the area so they really are doing themselves a disservice. Tenants can become landlords and tenants have peer networks. Experiences shape your future decisions and I will certainly never again use Fletchers, nor shall I encourage anyone else to in any context.

This is entirely based on my experience and you should always assess agents for yourself. Communicate in writing, keep copies of everything and always be aware of your legal rights - they know theirs and will enforce them!

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