8 reviews about Fresco's On Ice

14 Jul 2016

Fresh seafood is fine, takeaway has been a disappointment to us on several occasions. It's a shame, because it's nice to have a nearby fish & chip shop.

Unfortunately, we have given these guys the benefit of the doubt several times. There's not much good to write about the fish and chips.

For a takeaway out in The Gab, It's moderately priced, but the quality was terrible. We had undercooked chips (still had a raw potato flavour), undercooked potato scallop, and the 2/6 calamari were like chewing rubber.

In my opinion, they should stick to the fresh seafood, because if this is the best they've got, then it won't last long anyway.

Approximate cost: $35

15 Dec 2015

Good seafood but some unhappy staffs. Messed up with orders from customer before me and insisted she was right. Waiting for about 10 minutes, came my turn, asked me "Yes?" And when I asked to order chips she said "sorry we are closed and stop cooking at 7pm." Been a regular customer, have witnessed some crap service but thought I'd continue supporting local. After tonight, I am done. We are spoiled for choice with seafood here, you just lost a customer.

Approximate cost: $0

22 Nov 2015

While I would agree they do great fish and chips, I must be the unluckiest customer they have. The last three times I've been there they have managed to stuff the order up. Twice things were missing from the order and one time they seemed to have completely forgotten it.

So while they do great fish and chips I can do without the aggravation of them getting the order wrong constantly. Sorry they lost me as a customer.

Approximate cost: $45

31 Mar 2015

These guys really know their seafood! The salmon and smoked salmon are the best I've tasted, and the bay prawns are sweet as! While I catch my own reef fish, they are more than happy to source special orders like bonito.

17 Mar 2015

A shop that not only sells fish but also does delicious takeaway fish and chips at reasonable prices. They do the best calamari rings!!! They always seem to be so busy so it's another sign that it's good. A little gem in the gap village.

Approximate cost: $12

08 Jun 2013

I am delighted with the friendly service and the exceptional quality of the meals we have had thus far from Fresco's would recommend to all my family and friends. Well done Fresco

esther92 09 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

thanks for sharing

esther92 10 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

thanks for sharing

05 May 2013

The best seafood shop that I have found in Brisbane. Everything is reliably fresh and of the highest quality. Always has an excellent array to choose from.

29 Apr 2012

Fresco's On Ice is relatively new to The Gap and has amazing fresh, fish products. On top of selling fresh seafood, they also offer a takeaway service. Prices are reasonable and the food is not heavily greasy, like other takeaway places. I would definitely recommend this shop to others.

Approximate cost: $16.00

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