19 reviews about Govinda's Restaurant & Movie Room

03 Dec 2014

The food at Govinda's is awesome. The staff are really nice and the place is clean. The only drawback for me is that it is not open for lunch, which is difficult when you have young kids. Another thing is that they do not have any takeaway.

13 Mar 2013

I love vegetarian food, but was a bit skeptical when I was asked to go a hari krishna restuarant - I had no idea what to expect.

I never again will doubt this style of restaurant again. The atmosphere was laid back and very relaxing.

It was a buffet so you are able to fill up to your heart's desire. Trust me, you will not want to stop. The food is so good and there is a large selection to choose from so you find yourself going back for 2nds and 3rds.

All in all, for a different kind of dining experience that will leave you satisfied, try Govindas!

Approximate cost: $20

22 Aug 2012

Occasionally when I feel like real vegetarian I head to Govinda's. It's been around for ages & the menu hasn't changed (I guess if it works, why change it).
Fresh, tasty, simple & with good karma.
Their cheesecake is to die for - it sells out fast so make sure you ask for it when being seated!
The mango lassi is wow - lots of mango!

Our last visit we opted for dinner & movie - love the cushiony beds.. my young son thought it was a hoot. It's nice because it's a small intimate cinema & they show good films.

A good night out - highly recommend.

Parking in the area is a nightmare - Kings X station is just up the street & the 311 stops outside.

Approximate cost: $20 or you can do a dinner/movie package

25 Jul 2012

Govinda's is such a cool place to enjoy a wonderful night of great food and a movie. The Vegetarian buffet is unbelievably good, I always overeat when I go there. It's never regretted though, as the movie room provides large comfy mats to lay on and watch the movie from, rather than the usual upright theatre seats. The place has such a wonderful warm atmosphere. A great escape.

Approximate cost: $20 + $10 for the movie

04 Jun 2012

Friendly staff who will do anything to make your visit a happy one, they explain the food and it is delicious. Very tasty and I enjoyed the movie room. I felt relaxed and not rushed and this was an experience. Good

02 Jun 2012

This has a vast range of Vegetarian food and its all good and tasty. A good place for a simple night out which includes a movie.
If your looking for Great vegetarian this place is good. If your looking for a flash lace with flash service try some where else.
Staff are lovely and very peaceful, makes for a nice change.

24 May 2012

I enjoy all the rice and vegetable curry dishes. Pure vegetarian buffet restaurant with good atmosphere. Pleasant to sit on balcony. For extra ten dollars you can see a movie upstairs. Vegan options are good but limited. Check it out. Lots of Fun. Highly Recommended.

Approximate cost: $10.50

14 May 2012

My vegetarian friends and the carnivore in me love this restaurant and small relaxed movie screening space, why? Because the food is so tasty and delicious you don't miss the meat and there are some tempura vegetables so there's something that has been in a deep fryer, so Hallelujah! It's all good.
After the meal you go into a screening room with mattresses and lounges to watch a new release movie in this very comfortable and relaxed environment.
Actually in reality Govindas was the forerunner and the example to what Hoyts, La Premiere, and Greater Unions Gold Class are now trying to deliver, but Govindas do it all for well than half under the price of the big chains. I have been going to the Sydney site for 17 years and it's never been bad. For something different and a fun night out, then this just might be for you.

18 Apr 2012

We had such a great time. good food and drinks with mummy desert followed by a new movie. everything was so.reasonably priced and through service was great. i can't wait to go back!

Approximate cost: $25

26 Feb 2012

Fantastic vegetarian buffet and an interesting selection of films. Great dinner and movie combo deal. Lying down to watch film fantastic!

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