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16 Jul 2017

We love our green kids nappies. The fit is great and they are so easy to clean. I also love the bamboo breast pads. So comfortable. Thank you

Green Kids 17 Jul 2017

Thank you for your review Leanne and we love to hear you are finding Green Kids nappies and nursing pads to easy to use :)

16 Jul 2017

Greenkids nappies are really easy to use and have fit well from around 8 weeks. I especially love the premium bamboo inserts as they are so absorbent.

Green Kids 16 Jul 2017

Thank you for your review and it's great to hear you love how easy our nappies are to use and the absorbency of our inserts!

15 Jul 2017

I purchased some PUL fabric to make myself breast pads. The fabric arrived fast and was exactly what i was after. I woulf highly recommend purchasing from green kids. I will be in the near future :)

Green Kids 16 Jul 2017

Thank you for your review and our PUL (available in our ebay store) is very popular, so it's great to hear you love it :)

15 Jul 2017

I recently received the four green kids nappies I have ordered and they are just wonderful!!! I love these nappies cause the design and sowing of them create a perfect fit. Thank you

Green Kids 16 Jul 2017

Hi April, thank you for your review and it's great to hear you love your Green Kids nappies, we really appreciate it!

21 May 2017

We have tried 5 different brands of cloth nappies for 10 weeks now and these are our least favourite. We have an anytimes nappy and minky anytimes nappy with the regular bamboo insert and bamboo booster.

Negatives : The liners are the least absorbent (even with the booster) out of all the nappy brands. Our girl very quickly gets uncomfortable in them. They also seem to retain stains more than the other liners. The quality of the stitching of the covers isint as good as the others and looks very basic. We did have a problem with one nappy not being stitched properly so had to get a new one sent. With our girl being so little a rise adjuster would make these nappies fit a lot better. The nappies are expensive for the quality.

Positives: Made in Australia (although there are other brands that are also made in Oz). Liners are the quickest to dry in our stash. They are streamlined. Customer service was really good when we had the faulty nappy.

Upshot is we won't be adding more of these nappies to our stash.

Green Kids 17 Jul 2017

Hi Jessica, thank you for your review and we're sorry to hear you are not a fan of our nappies, however we are always happy to assist if you have issues with absorbency or stains, so please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance :)

13 Apr 2017

We have tried pretty much every cloth nappy available on the market and have chosen green kids to be the best option by far. Trim fitting, no leaks, super absorbent, hard wearing, Aussie based, super absorbent - just excellent nappies. They tick all the boxes for us.

Approximate cost: $30

19 Feb 2017

I absolutely love the idea of eco friendly nappies for kids! The store's pricing is FANTASTIC and the staff are always more than happy to help you find the right item. I recommend.

Green Kids 20 Feb 2017

Thank you for your review and we love to hear you think Green Kids nappies are great value for money!

13 Feb 2017

I was given a few nappies to try as a baby shower present and they were great! So easy to use and super cute. Will definitely be buying more!

Green Kids 13 Feb 2017

Thank you for your review and we love to hear how easy Green Kids nappies are to use :)

12 Feb 2017

When I was pregnant I put it out there on FB asking friends for their recommendations on cloth nappies. A few girlfriends suggested Green Kids and WOW I was and still am super impressed. I have just started using them with my 3 month old and after a couple of days using them I am already purchasing more! Super easy to use as well as bright and colourful and comfy!

Green Kids 13 Feb 2017

Thank you for your review and we it's great to hear you are loving your Green Kids nappies :)

27 Oct 2016

My green kids nappies are still going strong after 4 years and 3 kids. They really have lasted the test of time.

Green Kids 27 Oct 2016

Thank you for your review and it's great to hear your Green Kids nappies are saving you so much money and have lasted so well :)

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