5 reviews about Harvey Norman (Seconds) Superstore

14 Apr 2016

AAA Customer service & Best Deal From Wayne..
Ph 08 6318 7400 For Best Buy on Whitegoods..

08 Feb 2016

I purchased an air conditioner today, after mine broke down at 40 degrees. I called, they explained what they had and pricing, new in box complete with manuals. They even told me how to install it myself without having to wait for my husband to get home. It was operational when he did arrive, thank goodness.

Approximate cost: $400

05 Nov 2015

FYI anonymous 5 star reviews are a dead give away that you are writing your own reviews.
FYI anonymous 5 star reviews are a dead give away that you are writing your own reviews.

Approximate cost: $8008

07 Oct 2014

I brought a washing machine and fridge from here last weekend (6th Sept), they were both delivered next day. The delivery driver removed the transit bolts from the washing machine and connected it up for me. He even put the old fridge outside for me. The fridge came with operating manuel but the washing machine didn't - I just downloaded one from the internet - no problem. Some furniture had to be moved to enable access, the delivery driver helped me move it out the way and he put it all back by himself afterwards. Excellent prices and excellent service. I would recommend this shop and wouldn't hesitate to shop there again on the experience I had.

Approximate cost: $1225.00

20 Jul 2011

Bought a washer and dryer (expensive) here and was told that my shopping experience would be the same as if I had bought conventionally and not from a 'seconds' store. That was simply not true. The items were delivered dirty and unwrapped, in the pouring rain, by a driver who didn't give a damn and just dumped them, filthy and dripping, on the clean laundry floor. He didn't remove the transit bolts as had been requested at the store (in fact, a delivery driver from another store did it for me) and dirt and water from his trolley dripped all over the new carpets in the passageway of our just-completed building. Neither appliance was accompanied by instruction books, and there were no hose clamps or covers for the holes the transit bolts fit into on the washing machine, as there should have been. I have rung several times over the past three weeks to try and get these items sent out, so far to no avail. I will NEVER shop there again and, if you prefer good customer service, I advise you not to either!

Approximate cost: $2,650

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