6 reviews about Harvey Norman

02 Oct 2013

This new Harvey Norman store is wonderful. I bought a coffee machine from here and knew absolutely nothing about them. The sales consultant had excellent product knowledge and explained the ins and out of functionality and maintenance. She also beat the cheapest price I found whilst shopping around even though it was online.

03 Jun 2011

I had a bad experience dealing with the store whilst purchasing the AV Equipment due to the bad store manager in the past. However, with recent restructuring, it seems that they have improved the Customer Service especially in the AV department. Eugene, the AV manager has been exceptionally great with both technical and customer service. I have been a loyal customer for the past 3 years and will return because of his level of professionalism

Approximate cost: $4900

26 Jul 2009

We went there to buy a plasma tv . The sales rep happily spent all the time we needed to ensure that we understood all the features. The staff were able to give us a better price (so always ask if the price is the best they can do). Since then we have gone back to purchase many other things because the service, quality and price is great!

Approximate cost: $1100

14 Oct 2008

After selecting a fridge to purchase, we were quickly whisked away by Ricky Morris to finalise the invoice. After declining the extended warranty and confirming that we could have it delivered the following afteroon, we were taken to the register to pay. It was only after we had paid that we received any kind of paperwork, and the receipt showed that we had been charged for a $50 delivery fee, which was NOT mentioned at all. They refused to negitiate it, and so we decided to pick the fridge up ourselves. The $50 was refunded, but with no explaination or apology.

Approximate cost: $548

bab 13 Jan 2009 · 0% Trust

So you expect delivery drivers to work for nothing and just out of the goodness of their won heart! be serious lady!!!

Whip 13 Jan 2009 · 100% Trust

I don't expect anyone to work for free, but I also don't expect to be hit with hidden charges. We talked about price, and then talked about delivery times, which is why it was then a shock to see an extra $50 had been added to the invoice. The salesman would not even return to the register to talk to us about it, as he would only speak to the register operator over the phone.

If they had of mentioned the $50 fee up front we would have either accepted it or used it to negiotiate - the point is we were not given a chance to do either.

And what makes you think I'm a lady???

15 Feb 2008

We "had to" buy new equipment JUST so our son could play his Xbox 360 games online!! (things you do for kids - blah) I had no idea about compatability issues - or if there were any - with our existing Internet set up at home, so it was pleasing to have found such a capable salesman at this store. Sad thing is that we have just found that our son churns through our download allocation at such a rate that we are now looking to upgrade our Internet plan!!!!!!!!

Approximate cost: $170

23 Nov 2007

Was there for 2+ hours looking around and comparing different types of Plasmas. The salesman was very friendly and gave us a pretty good bargain. This in comparison to The Good Guys (Nunawading), they had the same model for sale but its ex-display for the same price as Harvey Norman but their one is brand new!

Approximate cost: $4000

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