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19 Sep 2015

anything and everything that you need at this one spot it will help you big time appliances that you need for everything room in your house

19 Aug 2013

they have everything you need when it comes with to furniture, they have great prices where you can always get a bargin & friendly staff to always help you out.

19 Aug 2013

I have purchased most of my furniture and electrical appliances from here. The prices are great and can normally negotiate a lower price any way if its not on sale. I found the staff are helpful and there is always someone around to help you. Sometimes it can be a little annoying when you have 5 people come up an offer to help you when you are only looking though.

30 Jun 2012

I was last here abput four weeks ago to get some photos printed. When I need heaps of photos printed I will often go to Harvey Norman. The printing area is off to the side of the computer, tech display area. The prices here are good and I find that often if I go to Kmart etc to get photos printed, all the stations are often taken. I havent had that problem here which is good. They have the stations so that you can go through your photos yourself and edit them etc, as you do it all youself, you dont have much contact with staff, but they have been fine when I have paid for my photos

04 May 2012

this id a good store. large choice and it has knowledgable staff. lot's of parking with lots of choice. good store.

23 Apr 2012

They have lots of parking here, lots of choice, has been too busy when I have been here looking for computers etc

27 Apr 2011

I just bought a Blanco Pyrolitic oven and Blanco Induction Cooktop from these guys. I had been shopping around and researching with my mother, and was about to buy from a competitor (who had a good price on the same set) when mum told me about a problem she had with her washing machine, and how (even though it was very new) the issue wasnt covered by warranty. I asked where she bought it from and she told me Harvey Norman in Warana, so I decided to go there and give them a serve. When I got there I had the salesman show me the cooktops and ovens (to build re pour) and then hit them with the bombshell of mums failed washing machine. The salesman turned out to be the franchisee who immediately told mum to repick a new machine, he would organise delivery and pick up of the old one and he would fight with Ariston for the refund. This sort of service was incredible and needless to say I used it as my decision to buy my appliances from them.

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