11 reviews about HealthEngine.com.au

30 May 2017

Useless, you make an appointment online and expect doctors to keep it but they still make you wait nearly one hour!
Including travel wasted nearly 2 hours today.

18 May 2014

Very handy for me as a busy mum. Would like to be able to choose which Doctor at our medical practice instead of waiting to see who we end up with as we like our regular GP. I don't hesitate to use this service for minor medical issues.

Approximate cost: $0

21 Dec 2012

This is pretty useful, you can lookup medical centers and even doctors depending on the location. can pick through appointment times as well. however they need a bigger database of available GPs and practices.

Approximate cost: $0

01 Jun 2009

Fantastic user friendly search engine, wow what a great service I found a Plastic Surgeon specializing in Hand Injuries close to where I live. This is a great service, easy to use and even offers a map on how to get there.

Approximate cost: $0

15 Sep 2008

Found this site on womow while trying to find a physio. This site is great, easy to use and intuitive. Easily breaks down health professionals into different categories. If you are in need of a dr i would definitely be using this site.

Approximate cost: $0

19 Aug 2008

Pretty good search engine. I just found it through this site actually and did a few searches and it was (1) really easy and intuitive to use and (2) gave the results pretty quickly

Approximate cost: $free

17 Aug 2008

Easy to find a doctor or specialist you need -- quickly. It's intuitive searching and saved me time. It also has a lot of information on tests and procedures -- I found it really easy to use.

14 Aug 2008

My Dad needed a CT chest scan. I looked it up on Healthengine and it gave us a good idea of what to expect during the scan so there were no surprises on the day. It made my Dad feel more confident and relaxed.

Approximate cost: $free

14 Aug 2008

I came across this site when I was looking for a specialist for my son. My GP only gave me the name of ONE doctor to call and she was booked out for months, so it was back to square one. Healthengine helped my to locate lots of specialists near my home, so I feel more in control on the situation. The site is excellent.

Approximate cost: $free service

12 Aug 2008

This website is easy to use and I trust the info on it. It's written by emergency doctors who are used to explaining things simply to Joe Public. It's helps you find a doctor where you live but the best bit is it explains tests and procedures and what the actually results mean in day to day language as well as what the next steps might be.

Approximate cost: $ZERO

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