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17 Jan 2014

We had a blockage in our drains on a Saturday and called Hebbard's in the afternoon and they were out here within a few hours fixing the problem. Great service and would highly recommend to anyone. They send out an invoice later on for payment but we were told how much it would be before he left so know what to expect when it arrives.

Approximate cost: $410.00

happyshopping 17 Jan 2014 · 100% Trust

good to know that a plumber will come on the weekend

15 May 2012

Have had these guys out a number of times and have been very happy every time. Quick to respond to big or small jobs with good explanations of what has been done. Would highly recommend. The only down is they are unable to tell you how much the service cost, an invoice is sent out. This is probably no different than most though.

kerryanned 22 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

These guys sound good, and they're in the area for me, but I don't like the idea of getting an invoice sent out. I'd like to know at the time how much it's going to cost me. May give them a call for a quote though, and see what they say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

27 Jan 2010

I have dealt with Hebbard Plumbers for years - on my own property and also on properties within family. They are prompt and even early on occasions, thorough and get the job done without messing anyone or anything around. Extremely efficient. I thought I had a leaky pipe somewhere the other day due to a rather high water bill. Rang Hebbard's and the receptionist asked me to read the meter, not to use any water for an hour then read it again. Then ring and ask SA Water how many litres passed through the meter in the hour and found out it was their mistake - someone had misread the meter. Apparently, Hebbard's had been getting a lot of calls similar to mine and they did not want me to waste my time and money especially if it wasn't needed.

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