10 reviews about Hog's Breath Cafe

04 Jan 2015

Had the $9.90 lunch deal, first timers here and the waitress Portia was very helpful and polite, cleaned our table, advised us of gluten free options and my partner loved the Cajun beef salad, I had the Chicken Caesar wrap with the famous curly fries, was so good, so looking forward to going back again, our drinks were large, meals not stingy, left feeling full and happy, the place is larger than it looks outside with great ambiance and an old style saloon set up. No complaints

Approximate cost: $9.90

RedDwarf 05 Jan 2015 · 100% Trust

Have always enjoyed their curly fries. $9.90 Lunch sounds great. Thanks.

09 Sep 2013

hands down best by far steak place i have ever eaten at, love this place so much that i would go there every day if i could afford it lol. staff are brilliant, food sooooooo amazing, i would totally recommend hogs breath to everybody :)

Shazzbot1 10 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks, my husband and I will have to try the steak!

14 Aug 2013

Great atmosphere here, The food is always wel prepared to your liking.

The waiting staff always kneel to take your order and are very talkative!

babenreviewer 09 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

that's so good i always find it a bit more personal when they kneel, it seems like they care more

21 Apr 2012

This is one of mine and my family fav, even my dad who is tight with money will spend $30 on a steak. They have the famous 18hr cooked steaks cooked to ur liking and they are truely amazing! I recommend the calamari one as it has a sweet chilly and honey sauce the put on them that i die for! There curly fries are awesome and i get the salsa sauce to dip them in, and if your a fan of balsamic vinger on ur salad their's is the bomb!!! Yes it's $30 a steak but it is worth it and if you dont want to spend that much plenty of other things to choose from :) A must if it's someones birthday as all the staff come out and sing happy birthday with sparklers on the cake, we did it to my dad it was great! They do have a kiddy area and the decor is what u would expect in an american restarant. They are really busy on the weekend so u must book ahead. A must do!

Approximate cost: $30

babenreviewer 09 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

18hr steak omg! that must be one hell of a steak!

27 Oct 2010

We have taken the family here on many occasions for the kids eat free on Tuesday nights. The prices are a little expensive but you are always guaranteed a hot, fresh and enjoyable meal. The atmosphere is great and there is a kids area with games etc to keep them occupied. I do find that the waiting staff can be a little too over the top. All and all a great place to take the family!

05 Aug 2010

The actual restaurant has a great atmosphere because of all the decorations on the walls and all around it inside. The food was nice, but not a WOW. The staff were friendly and helpful. It was a little pricey and not my favourite. Also, very busy and somewhere you would have to book in advance.

31 Dec 2009

Unique atmosphere, curly fries, and AMAZING steak sum up Hog's Breathe Cafe. The steak melts in your mouth and is cooked according to your preference - to perfection. While somewhat expensive, Hog's Breath is a favourite. The staff are professional and friendly.

17 Nov 2009

Havn't eaten at one of these places before but now i believe all I've heard the meat was amazing and just melted in your mouth. It was so big and cooked exactly to order.

04 Aug 2009

If you have ever tried Hog's Breath famous Steak then you know what im talking about. They have the best steaks in Australia. I cannot say enough about their steaks, they are simply awesome. Always enjoy going to Hog's Breath Cafe and highly recommend to anyone. The people are also extremely friendly. Great customer relations!

Approximate cost: $30

29 Apr 2008

The orders are constantly stuffed up at the customers expense. The food is awful, we've ordered steaks that are raw on one end and overcooked at the other, sadly my partner started at the cooked end and pointed out the raw end when he got to it - their reply 'well you did eat half of it though', so no discount. service staff are semi friendly but get orders wrong.

Approximate cost: $25.00

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