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6 reviews about ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs

21 Aug 2016

Michael and his small tech team, down at ITZ computers & iphone repairs located on Francis Street in Belmont are fantastic!! I've always been a clumsy smart phone owner , forever breaking my phones by accident , and they have saved me on a number of occasions with their affordable , quick & helpful services! The itz team work long and after operating hours to get customers electronics fixed and back into their possesions within a short period of time. If there by any chance is an issue with any repairs done , the team is always more than happy for you to bring it back in and fix it for you straight away at no cost. I wouldn't kniw where to begin at looking to go fir phone repaira if i didnt already know of this awesome little business. I honestly dont think id ever go anywhere else !

Highly Recommend to friends ,Family and Local Geelong5 community members.

Approximate cost: $70

05 Sep 2015

The first time I used ITZ Computers was to buy CIS ink & have the files etc from the computer tower hard drive transferred to the laptop I'd bought.
On this occasion the staff were very helpful.
Since then I have been amazed by their honesty (appear to sell only what's necessary & that they have a knowledge of) & good customer service.

05 Dec 2012

After my old Iphone 3GS took a dip and became water damaged, I feared it had taken its last breath. However, these guys managed to resurect it and repaired other issues it had as well (useless touchpad, slow camera, wouldnt turn off) at a very reasonable price. I planned on buying a new phone that was to be released in a month and I just needed to have a phone until then. They understood it was an old phone that wasn't worth spending lots of money on so they were quite creative in getting in functioning again. Now its working better than it has in a year and I wonder if I even need a new phone now! Thanks for working your magic guys.

Approximate cost: $100

03 Sep 2012

These guys fixed my iPhone 4 screen in under an hour, while i visited a friend. Im very happy with the quality of the repair, the price, and the WARRANTY! thanks guys!

Approximate cost: $89

14 Feb 2012

Excellent! Same place i buy my computer parts, but the other half of there business, had my Nokia repaired here and my mums iPhone, iPhone was done in under an hour! I called around and they were the best price from an actual shop i could find. The Nokia took a few days but it was explained they part had to be ordered in. All in all pretty happy after dealing with the main business ITZ Computers for computer stuff for years.

Approximate cost: $99

14 Feb 2012

Very good, buy all my computer parts here, great with Laptops (they repaired my sisters), price is always competitive, but the advise is always spot on, if they cant help you'll be directed where (Tends to send me to Jaycar alot ;) ) Otherwise if i had a gripe, the repairs can get a little delayed, allow at least 3-4 days for most repairs (it was explained there were 20 or so jobs ahead of mine) but cant complain about the price.

Approximate cost: $99

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