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09 May 2017

I paid $975 to Ideal Introductions (Brisbane) in January 2017 for a Tier 2 service. This is for 4 introductions over a period of 6 months.
This was the lowest priced service. It went up to $5500 for 18 months premium service.

Ideal Introductions (Brisbane) is a waste of money. They matched me up with whoever is on their books. I spent 1 hour being interviewed about me, my preferences, past relationships. All to be handed over to any mismatched person.

When I queried about this, they responded with: "we don't always get it right."

I don't expect perfect but when there are massive differences in:
- looks / levels of attractiveness
- intellect / world view
- interests
- values

If this is the level of service, then what is the point of engaging a professional service that is marketed to help filter the pool of potential dates.

Rather than handing over your money to Ideal Introductions (Brisbane), I would pay a personal assistant to manage your online dating profile and filter out the potentials that way. At $30 an hour, your personal assistant could work for 32 hours finding you dates online. At 1 hour a week, that's 7 months of personalised dating service.

Approximate cost: $1000

01 Mar 2017

How much does this service cost, Can I expect to be introduced to like minded people. Do you have a website address.

09 Oct 2009

I was tired of internet dating, and decided to try it ideal introductions out. I was asked a lot of in depth questions about what kind of man I wanted to meet, and even asked to select photographs of men that I found attractive.
I was very specific on there points and tried to give them as much information as I could. Ie; althetic, easy on the eye, must be australian/caucasian, must have stable job, humorous, witty, intelligent, between 28-35, non smoker, reliable etc.
I was matched with, new zealanders, iranians, people who werent athletic or into fitness, smokers and men over the age of 35.
I was not impressed as the amount they charged me was horrendous compared to the quality of service. I thought that by paying so much you were highly likely to get exactly what you asked for. I cancelled the service within 1 month out of the 3 that I signed up for, because my instructions and criteria were not being taken into account.

Approximate cost: $895.00

I just read a review you have written about my company Ideal Introductions and whilst a lot of what you have written is correct and true there are a few statements which are quite misleading.
Firstly we are not a online dating site. We have a web address but we are a personal matchmaking agency have been in the same office for 21years. All our members have been through an interview and profiling session and sign a strict code of conduct prior to being introduced to other clients.
Our memberships are affordable to the majority of the clientelle which are semi-professional and professional people. Our fees are very reasonable considering the success rates we have. 70% of our clients get into relationships and we have been responsible for over 1000 weddings that we know of. Speaking of success we don't always get it right.. Matching two people is an art. A mixture of science, intuition and feedback between us and our clients. Our clients enrol mostly for a three to twelve month memberships and during that time we work together to fine tune criteria to find a realistic and compatible match. We are not miracle workers - our job is actually quite difficult and unless clients are prepared to be patient, have faith in the process and have a positive attitude it simply has little chance of working.
We have a great reputation in the industry and are fully legislated and licensed through Qld government.

waynek494 30 Jun 2015 · 50% Trust

hi am wayne kelly am looking for a long term parnter am 33 yr old my parnter to be 25 to 30 yr old call or text me 0402824030

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