12 reviews about JB Hi-Fi

02 Jul 2012

Store is very organized by category with expert staff in every area ready to answer any questions. Prices are as expected and usually match competitors. Specials are very well advertised and present huge discounts. The only problem is the lack of uniform with staff, making it hard to identify them.

01 Jul 2012

JB Hifi has quite an extensive range of products and are generally quite helpful in finding what you need. Some things are quite overpriced, but they're products are always good quality. You could usually find what you're looking for.

jackcurrie 01 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

ALWAYS find what you're looking for ;)

jackcurrie 01 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

ALWAYS find what you're looking for ;)

28 Apr 2011

Great quality products with a huge range to choose from. This store stocks so much stuff that you have to allow a large amount of time to get thru it all if your technologically minded else you will leave wanting to look at more. It is always busy though so getting a sales rep to help can be a little hard at times. They have great Sales on almost all the time.

15 Feb 2011

JB Hi-Fi is a wonderful store and this one is huge. The range of electricals and entertainment is incredible and prices are reasonable.

15 Apr 2010

When looking for the best price and help around, i always goto jbhifi, as they have shown time and time again that they offer the best prices on most items. However i find there DVD's and blu'rays overpriced, everything else is great

30 Nov 2009

Excellent Store, one of my favourties to visit, great layout, great staff, very reasonable prices on CDs and DVDs, a great range of games and rare products that are impossible to find elsewhere.

24 Nov 2009

great layout of the shop. Products are easy to find and a good range. Singles on cd are of great price, car stereo specials are very good, though things arent on special are of average price. Shop is spacious and staff are friendly. If you are on a budget, check out the specials as they are of a good range.

Approximate cost: $2 and up

09 Jul 2009

DVD's and CD range is huge. However only cheap prices are specials. Most other DVD's are sold at or sometimes even above RRP. Do you know of any business still selling $40 DVD? Quality of products, and layout of store was exceptional, however some prices could be cheaper.

04 Mar 2009

they claim to be well priced but on looking around I can usually find prices better. I waited in the shop for 10 minutes before being served last week to buy an Ipod and then they didnt even have the one I wanted. Staff talking to friends and mucking around rather than serving.

28 Mar 2008

Great service and great range, staff were very helpful and everything is set out in a great way that you can usually find what you are looking for. Very competitively priced too.

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