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Jardin Fresh Life

based on 37 reviews

37 reviews about Jardin Fresh Life

16 Nov 2016

Staff were amazingly helpful! Was juggling my baby and a full shopping trolley and they went way above helping me unpack and repack it. Fruit and veg is quite well priced and I havent had a problem with quality. Also love the wide variety of cheeses and dairy!

22 Apr 2015

After discovering jardins I hardly shop at the big stores any more, I can get everthing I need from them.The prices are amazing for the fresh produce including the butchers shop. The store is never very crowed which make shopping easier especially with a 1 yrd. You never have to wait long when at the register and the staff are all ways very friendly.They also offer quite a few australian made products.

17 Jan 2014

These guys provide the decent service you usually only wish for at the bigger chains. Terrific service, great stock at a fair price. You can't go wrong with Jardins.

23 Aug 2013

Great little shop. I'm always stopping here to stock up on bits And pieces. Love buying the fruit salad every time I go in there I always buy a fruit salad.. Also they have the best bacon I am a VERY!! Fussy bacon eater and love there's.. Always great value and cheAp fruit.. Also the butches just outside always has good value!

Approximate cost: $20

22 Aug 2013

love there meat and fruit they allways fresh n this be good for familys n friends please go have a look

04 Apr 2013

I have been shopping here since this place was Farmer Pat's and what is great is that the prices have stayed so affordable!! Like some of the other reviewers I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vege, so I really need to find competitive prices and they are consistently better here than anywhere else locally. The quality of food is also good and there are useful packs and regular sales. In fact I recommend taking advantage of the daily or weekly specials. The service was a little friendlier when it was Farmer Pat's but is still pretty good.

Approximate cost: $30 for a couple bags

23 Mar 2013

I have been shopping here for about a year, before the shop became Jardin Fresh Life. I was concerned when I heard Spar had bought the business but the fruit and vegetables (my main reason for shopping there) have continued to be high quality. Much higher quality than the previous place I shopped at. I come from North Lakes so it is well out of my way but it is worth it because the produce is higher quality than anywhere else in the Redcliffe and Pine Rivers Area and the cost is very competitive. I eat a lot of fresh salads and juice a lot of vegetables and fruit so I am very fussy about the quality of my fruit and vegetables. I buy a lot to I spend a lot there and I usually leave with 5 shopping bags bulging with produce.

Approximate cost: $100.00

14 Jan 2013

I think this store has been brought out or renamed? :-/

But I've recently started doing my fruit & veg shopping here & have been pleased with it all 95% off the time. On the odd occasion, the fruit or veg is really cheap because it's old. I've had old tomatoes & onions before :( But other products there are delicious! The staff are always helpful & very courteous :)

20 Oct 2012

The food is always fresh and tasty. the staff are always friendly and happy, and the location is fantastic, close to everywhere. the prices are fantastic and always cheap.

06 Oct 2012

We ring & pre-order salads everyweek for son to take to work, they are made fresh every morning, Price is half the price of supermarket for them. Gotta luv Farmer Pat's new floor set up as well

Approximate cost: $3.50

marilynnd 07 Oct 2012 · 90% Trust

Thanksf for the heads upon the salads!

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