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25 Sep 2012

Nice store that stocks your basic pets food, toys, and equipment.
Service, friendliness and cleanliness leaves much to be desired sometimes.
COnsidering that competition and even big supermarkets are stocking pet stuff, they can really do better.
Still, it's convenient. Do check them out

14 Aug 2011

This pet shop is locally owned and operated; in an age of anonymity it is reassuring that the same faces will be at counter to offer advice on my pets. I find the prices are reasonable, especially on bird food, toys and accessories which are the items I purchase the most. The owner/operators are friendly and always ready to help in whatever way they can and will have a friendly chat about how to help care for your pets or share their experiences with their own pets. If they don't have a particular item in stock they can order it in for you within a few days. The shop is usually stocked with small animals, fish and birds waiting for their new homes. The owners care for each pet as their own and I consider each pet would be well cared for and loved in that shop before and after sale. It doesn't matter if you have a $2 or a $200 purchase, the service is consistent, the advice is confident and reassuring, and the products are quality which is why this is my favourite pet shop!

12 Apr 2011

I have had wonderful, friendly service each time I have gone in. They are very obliging, answer all questions to the best of their ability, and are animal lovers extraordinaire.
Lots of stock with good prices. :-)

09 Apr 2011

very pleasant and great service and we had bought a fish tank item that was faulty and when we rang them they said to return the item and replace it ,no worries

29 Nov 2010

Very friendly people, answered all my questions and made me feel more relaxed about my pet. Shop is well stocked and very good prices, I'll certainly go back and I've told all my friends

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