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48 reviews about Kallista Tea Rooms

23 May 2015

Hi guys sorry about the long wait in writing up this review. Such a great atmosphere, beautiful chocolate and coffee and great prices. Will
Be back very sooner rather then later

Approximate cost: $24

20 Feb 2015

My wife and I love dropping in here for a sneaky lunch date once a month or so! The service is always friendly and welcoming and the food delicious. A top place!

01 Jul 2014

Amazing gorgeous place tucked away in the dandenongs. My husband and I went there for some tea and cake last Sunday morning. The vibe is wonderful, there are families and groups of people chatting at tables. The tea was lovely, and their freshly squeezed juices. We tried the Lindt chocolate brownie, which is one of their many gluten free options, it was amazing and rich.
Outside the window birds play in the trees and on the feeders on the window sills, they come up really close. Great moderately priced place to eat, they are great quality and appear to have a diverse menu.

Approximate cost: $25

07 Oct 2013

The food is good, arrived hot and not lukewarm or cold. Service was gbood and staff friendly and willing to be flexible with the menu. Get's very busy.

Approximate cost: $20.00

16 Jul 2013

We ordered hot chocolates and one serving of scones. On the postive side we loved the hot chocolates, they were made with chocolate powder and tasted nice and chocolatey much nicer than when hot chocolate is made with chocolate syrup. Scone wise we thought the mixed berry jam was absolutely delicious but the scones were heavy, doughy and a little under cooked. We were disappointed with the scones and did not think they were the best in the hills. I would return to the venue but not for the scones. Hopefully the scones will improve. We felt the price was a little on the high side but we don't eat out regularly so the price could very well compare with what's being charged elsewhere. The serving of jam and cream was not overly generous and we didn't feel we got good value for money

Approximate cost: $about $18.00

Kallista Tea Rooms 16 Jul 2013

Thank you for your review. Our scones are usually lovely and I'm sorry that you weren't happy with them. We are always happy to replace any menu item that isn't as it should be. My apologies. In regards to the hot chocolates. I am very pleased that you enjoyed them and would like to comment that our hot chocolates are not made with powder but solid Lindt mini blocks of chocolate and sprinkled on top with organic fairtrade premium chocolate. Either way you enjoyed them so that's great. If you'd like to pop back in I'd be more than happy to offer you a serving of scones and make it up to you, for your less than satisfactory serving today. Just let me know when you come in. Thanks

carolinet1 16 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

thank you for your response and I will take up the offer. I wanted to say though that I am aware of the hot chocolate being made with Lindt chocolate and we opted to have our chocolates made with chocolate powder instead (as offered to us by your staff).

09 Jul 2013

I love the burgers, they are the best in my opinion, if you go there please try the burgers :D
and I love the milkshakes as well :)

Approximate cost: $21.45

23 May 2013

We return here time and time again just for the hot chocolates! made from lindt chocolates, they are served in a large glass. The cakes are all delicious too. Service is quick and the staff are very friendly and attentive. There are several cosy couches, as well as small tables and large communal tables.
The restaurant is open most saturday nights, but book ahead to make sure.
The atmosphere is super cosy, with fairy lights and decorations around the room.

MazB35 23 May 2013 · 100% Trust

hot chocolate made from lindt sounds divine!! I was not aware of any cafes which made their hot choc using lindt, so I will keep this place in mind

babenreviewer 24 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

omg lindt hot chocolates that would taste so amazing & rich xx

19 Apr 2013

I must admit I live local and go quite often, but why wouldnt you. A very casual warm atmosphere that makes you want to stay all day (if you have the time), terrific coffee just as you order it, great value for money meals/treats that taste great and homely and smiling friendly service every time. Thanks guys.

09 Jan 2013

Top quality and fresh ingredients. Nice food,drinks.
service could do with improvement though. They seem a little too laid back. the staff were very nice and friendly and easy to talk to but in the service sense they weren't as warm and inviting. Prices are also a little high I think. Beautiful freshly made food though. i'd be happy to come again.
When dining here If you sit near the window you can observe the cockatoos,rosellas that frequent around the establishment.

09 Nov 2012

My favourite coffee in the hills! Love the ambience. Great food and very filling. Try the awesome scones. Great customer service too

MazB35 09 Nov 2012 · 100% Trust

sounds nice! do they serve Devonshire tea?

Jezzy 11 Nov 2012 · 70% Trust

No they don't have Devonshire tea, but I had scones on their own with a Lindt hot chocolate which had real pieces of chocoloate in it :) yum

summa130 23 May 2013 · 100% Trust

We went there today and they had a sign offering devonshire teas- maybe a new service? I think it was around $10...

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