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20 Aug 2013

I visited this store and was really disapointed in their service, I went through the check out with my daughter in her pram, I put a shirt through the self service and it started saying that assistance was required because it didn't weigh the right amount. The young girl came over and checked my bags and held up a pair of baby socks that had caught on to the folded shirt I put through, she held it up to me and gave me a dreadful look as though to say I was trying to steal it, instead of letting me get on with it she stood their and put all my items through herself, I felt humiliated and she even stayed as I paid for it. I have never been treated in such away before, I didn't realise the socks had been put through with the shirt, why on earth would I want to steal a pair of $2 socks??? I will never go through self serve again. I wish I had to complained about that kmart staff when I did.

18 Jun 2010

Great value for money on the clothes. I went shopping for the kids clothing and expecting to pay much more but was pleasantly surprised.

Approximate cost: $80

13 May 2010

i have shop at k mart an i get good service from them even when i ask for some thing to find there they show me when to find it in store and i would buy there again as its a good shop to buy from

29 Nov 2009

Its a big place that has basically everything, I usually only go there to buy electronics and toys for my kids. They have a wide range of everything and at a very good price. The staff are nice and will willing help you with anything with a smile. I go there usually because of the good prices.

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