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06 Oct 2013

Went there for my Nan and Granddads 60th anniversary. First off, we specifically told them how large a party we were, and we got seated at a MUCH too small table. We immediately complained and they moved us to one of the larger ones.
We then went to get our food. There was not much variety. The food was not labelled. We had no idea what we were eating.
Everything was too cold. The chips were disgusting, as was the rice. The adults were satisfied with the prawns but other then that there was nothing particularly tasty on the menu. Some of us just gave up on lunch and moved on to dessert.
This was honestly just as bad. 3 types of ice cream, all of which had the same spoon to scoop with, which for those of us who hate mixing, was quite gross. They had nothing for the children except their "frogs in a pond" which were much like rubber and the "frogs" were old and crumbling.
We tried to ignore how disgusting the food was and just have nice conversation.
One waitress came over to clean up our plates, and we were met with her rude attitude. She not only lent waaaay over the table, but she practically lent her body on a 3 year old child who was very upset by it! Did the waitress say sorry? No of course not, she said, "Pass those two plates."
She could have easily moved around the table, but instead we were expected to "pass" them to her..
Definitely not worth the $25 a head. Wouldn't pay $10 for that service.

At the end of the terrible ordeal, we were asked to leave, as they were closing and it was more important then their manners.

Never going back.

Approximate cost: $25

Mylady 14 Feb 2018 · 100% Trust

Great review

04 Oct 2013

This is a nice all you can eat buffet style restaurant. The food is always freshly cooked and well displayed, the service is pretty good (although I don't like to have a time limit when I'm eating!) There is also a playground to keep the kids entertained whilst you finish your meal. All in all a good place to eat.

Approximate cost: $30.00

29 Aug 2013

We were here last Saturday night for the 6pm session. It was very busy, a huge line for the food. A huge variety of food available from hot to cold dishes, roasts, Indian, Chinese, seafood and soup and a dessert bar. They have a kids room which is great, but also very busy. Defiantly great value for money and the food tasted great.

Approximate cost: $30

25 Aug 2013

They have a wide variety of food and the food is delicious. The play area keeps the kids entertained. The only down fall is the you can only be at your table for two hours then you have to leave. Sometimes with three little kids it is difficult to get them to eat, and eat yourself and allow them to have a play in two hours. I think it should be 2 and a half hours. Otherwise we defiantly come back on a regular bases.

Approximate cost: $25

18 Jun 2013

Great variety of food to choose from, always eat too much when I go there! Food is delicious, I always go for lasagne. A bit crowded over the weekends though and with the 2 hours session you have to be quick.

Approximate cost: $28

18 Mar 2013

The international buffet is just amazing! If you go on Sundays they have an even better menu even though slightly more expensive but I would say well worth it as you get muscles, roast, Chinese and Indian food...those huge prawns..so Yum!!

04 Mar 2013

Their food was plentiful and delicious. A little pricy i thought. Very clean and friendly service. Bar prices were ok.Really loved the roasts. Deserts enough to satisfy most.

Approximate cost: $28

01 Mar 2013

Very impressed with their scrumptious buffet which is fresh and full of international variety. The service was clean and professional and my entire family of 25+ people (toddlers to grandparents) enjoyed dining here last weekend! Also, the young ones thoroughly enjoyed their time in the play area:-D

jettyb1 02 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Tops review spot on.

19 Feb 2013

When I asked my daughter where she wanted to go for her 12th birthday it was "that place we took Grandpa for his birthday". All you can eat buffet is sooo appealing to a 12 year old and you can be she took advantage of the all you can eat! The food is replenished regularly and of pretty good standard. No complaints from me!

Approximate cost: $30

28 Nov 2012

Excellent food. Excellent service. Pleasant friendly staff. Excellent value. Tables are cleaned away not long after you have finished with the plates. You have a wide range of foods to pick from. The atmosphere is not one of any other buffet - makes you think you are the only ones there. Have gone back many times and it always lives up to my rating

Approximate cost: $27.50

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