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9 reviews about Macarthur Veterinary Group - Bradbury

18 Jan 2018

I have a Cavalier King Charles which developed a skin allergy. Dr Cathy at Bradbury recommended that I take my dog to see the visiting SASH Vet Dr Linda at Gregory Hills. This was about March 2017. Anyone with an allergy knows this is not a quick fix. After a couple of visits and by doing the recommended home treatment I can now say that my little girl is very happy in her skin and has been for the past 4 months. if your pet has the itch do not hesitate and book in to see Dr Linda. MVG you are still providing excellent care for our friends.

21 Aug 2014

I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. They were so kind and compassionate when it came time to put down one of my dogs, and they were great with another dog that needed emergency treatment, letting me come and visit him while he stayed with them. They have always been very clear and upfront about the cost of treatments, and never make me feel guilty if I can't always afford the very best options.

01 Aug 2014

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know of the service we received at Bradbury vets on Friday, 31st January, 2014. Our 16 year old dog, Casper has been having fits and we needed advice as to whether we should put him to sleep or if there was anything we could do for him.

We saw Dr. Karen at this appointment and just wanted to let you know how amazing she was. She explained everything to us very clearly and was extremely compassionate towards our family. Our 8 year old daughter in particular was understandably very upset and Karen was able to explain things to her and get her to an understanding of what might happen if we have to take Casper back again.

We were extremely impressed with Karen's knowledge and skills as a vet, but more importantly her understanding and loving nature towards us all.

Most times businesses only hear the negative, so we wanted to let you know something extremely positive. When we have to bring Casper back, we will definitely hope Karen is there to assist us. Please pass this feedback on to Karen.

Kind regards,
Deborah L

09 Jul 2012

Rip offs!
I went with my pensioner mother here to book her dog in for that afternoon and find out how much money she would need. When she returned alone that afternoon they charged her nearly twice the price and denied that they had told her one price earlier. Nice way to take advantage of someone. Then we find out mums neighbours (also elderly) have had a similar experience, except it cost them over $1000.

Dear Share2fair,
I am very sorry to hear that you have had such an unpleasant experience at our Bradbury clinic. That is certainly not how we like to do business. If you would like to contact me personally via email ( then I would be happy to look into this matter for you and see what we can do to resolve it for you. (I may not see your reply if you put it on WOMO - so please use email).
Kind regards,
Peter Harris - Partner - Macarthur Veterinary Group

throw2apples 16 Aug 2012 · 70% Trust

Thanks for your comments Peter, I am glad that you care about your business when it is in the public eye. I am not happy that when my mother complained she did not get the time of day. And sorry but I don't feel the need to hide my response by replying outside of WOMO.

05 Jun 2012

Caring & compassionate staff at all levels make this a lovely place to visit even when the reason is not too good.Full of information which they are happy to pass on to their clients.

08 Apr 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE the team at Bradbury Vet Clinic. For the past 6 years they have looked after my dog and two cats - would never take my pets anywehere else! Whenever I have had a slight panic at home, I call them up and they are so friendly and happy to answer my questions over the phone, and always find away to fit my pets in at anytime.
I have since recommended them to my family and friends, and cannot recommend them highly enough.
Definately the best Vet Clinic in Macarthur!

23 Nov 2009

very friendly staff, helpful and informative. Really care for the animals in their care. I am a long time customer and will continue to be. Their prices are also very reasonable for the quality service you get. Really highly rate this business.

Approximate cost: $20 and up

13 Sep 2009

This is a fantastic Veterinary Clinic. The people working there, not just the Vets are very caring towards the clients and animals. My dog is now all better thanks to their fanatastic services

Approximate cost: $55

05 Nov 2008

I found this veterinary clinic after being unhappy with all the other veterinary clinics I have been too. I have been going back ever since...have been going to them for almost 10 years now. A great friendly and caring atmosphere.

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